Here’s why the gift of health is the best gift for the holiday season!

Check on your friends or family. This has been a reminder that takes special meaning in our not-so-normal circumstances. With a pandemic that causes enormous uncertainty and plays with people’s minds, making them feel isolated or fearful, a check-up call from someone can make a major difference to anyone’s day. Whether it’s a virtual call, a text, or a comment on one’s timeline, there’s something definitely uplifting when someone checks in on you.


Taking this check-in one step further, you can send gifts or essentials to show you care. Given the restrictions on mobility these days, receiving something from a friend is especially appreciated. Living in isolation for close to 2 years might have robbed us of our motivation to move forward, and a little nudge from someone could be all it takes to get us going. 


As we approach the second festive season in quarantine, Puritan’s Pride encourages us to inspire those in our circles or communities to do the same.  More importantly, it aims to inspire people and refresh people’s mindsets so they can think healthy.


With the Christmas season fast approaching, Puritan’s Pride encourages everyone to give the gift of health by sending loved ones their well-thought out bundles, which are all available at Lazada and Shopee. These bundles demonstrate its efforts to promote a healthier Philippines, paying attention to people’s physical, mental, and emotional health.


In these stressful times, Puritan’s Pride’s Immunity Pack is the perfect way to check in on loved ones and encourage them to stay in good shape. This bundle includes Vitamin C-500 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips, Vitamin D3 400 IU, and Zinc Gluconate Chelated 25mg. Vitamin C strengthens the immune function, while bioflavonoids and rose hips have skin anti-aging properties. Vitamin D3, a commonly missed vitamin, supports bone health and is essential for optimal health.  Zinc, meanwhile, fights bacteria and viruses and assists in the proper functioning of insulin, while promoting healthy skin, vision, and smell. 


Available at Lazada on 11.11 for 23% off, the Immunity Pack comes with a free tote bag for the first 270 customers who will purchase.


Equally compelling are the Immunity Pack A and Melatonin, available through Shopee on 11.11 for 17% off and 30% off respectively. The Immunity Pack A offers all the health benefits of Vitamin C-500 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips and Zinc Gluconate Chelated 25mg, while Melatonin helps regulate sleep and protects the body by strengthening immunity through T-cells, a special kind of white blood cells.  


Indeed, there’s no better way to check in on your friends and show you care this holiday season than by sharing the gift of good health. With Puritan’s Pride, checking in on loved ones has become much easier, more affordable, and more convenient to do. 

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