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How Often Should You Replace The Existing Mattress?

Knowing when to swap your mattress depends on various factors and is not just some simple round figure of a year. You have to go in deeper to appreciate when to switch your mattress, what is making it fail, among other factors. Saying between five and ten years to renew is not enough.

A recent study led by reveals that, a good mattress can go a long way in preventing lower back pains. This condition is usually caused by misalignment of your spine. Lower back pains are the leading cause of disability in the world and affect eight in ten people through their lifetime.

Some mattresses become unusable before five years, while others still stand firm, well over ten years. If you feel like your mattress is uncomfortable, then it is probably time to switch it. Additionally, some people may suffer from heightened allergic reactions. In that case, they will have to replace their mattresses more frequently, to reduce dust mitesplus other allergens. Here is how often you should replace your mattress, according to the type.

The type of mattress you are using and when you should replace it

There are various types of mattresses. If you own an innerspring mattress, you will possibly get ten good years of service from it. The best thing about innerspring mattresses is how you can flip them and get anuniformly distributed wear. However, if you suffer from allergies, you must steer clear of such mattresses.

The reason being, dust mites get unsurmountable real estate from the hollow space in innerspring mattresses. An innerspring mattress usually weighs ten times more after ten years. All that additional weight is an accumulation of dust mites, chowing down on the sleeper for a decade. In unalike types of mattresses, dust mites find it difficult to move around and create ecosystems.Additionally, if you feel some noisy springs, this is a sign that you may need to fix your mattress or replace it entirely.  

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses come in diverse densities. They are typically categorized as high, medium, or low density. With a genuinely high-density memory foam mattress, the user might get up to fifteen years of service. Latex mattresses are generally pricy;however, they serve the user for many years. Some manufacturers give warranties of up to 30 years on their latex mattresses. Moreover, consider whether the latex is organic or synthetic since organic latex lasts longer. Consider the price, and the guarantee, to see if it fits within your budget.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses come in different forms and designs. These type of mattresses do notusually last long, due to all the nuts and cogs brought together to make it. In it, you will get two foam, separated by springs in between. Usually, they give about six years of service, even though they are exceptionally comfortable before the due date. Not long ago, waterbeds were the most sought after types of beds across the world. Their market share, however, dwindled with the uptake in memory foam mattresses. Nevertheless, waterbeds are making a resurgence, due to being cheaper than before, thanks to new technology. Depending on the materials used, waterbeds give the user five to ten years of service.

There are some excellent practices if you want your mattress to serve you appropriately. If you are traveling, cover your mattress to shield it from debris. Moreover, flip your mattress every 3 to 6 months of use, to ensure it fades evenly. Always follow the prescribed method of maintaining your type of mattress. What might work for a specific mattress may be damaging to another. If possible, train your pets to avoid lazing on the mattress because of their claws and such. Also, vacuum your mattress according to the manufacturer’s specifications. An accumulation of unwanted guests such as mites will also affect all, not only hypoallergenic people.  


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Getting a decent night sleep ought to be a top priority if you want to avoid many other complaints. A stiff mattress will have you feeling sour at the contact points and tired during the day. In turn, your productivity will decline. Understandably, nobody wants to wake up in the morning, and feel tired. A mattress should be the go-to item in providing relief when you are worn-out not the other way round.

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