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How to Join Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7 2019

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Hi guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you how to enroll your kids in Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7! Super easy!

Summer vacation is the season kids are looking forward to. Imagine, 2 whole months of fun & relaxation. Rather than just staring at their gadgets, playing games, or watching videos the whole time. Don’t you think it’s better if their vacation is spent on something more meaningful and productive (yet still fun)? 

That’s why I’m enrolled Geof in Promil’s i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7. I attended the launch earlier this month and learned a lot of things like how to nurture our child’s natural talents based on their interests!


Promil i-Shine Talent Camp

  • For kids ages 6-11 years old
  • Locations: Manila, Batangas, Cebu, Davao
  • Schedule: April – May 2019
  • Duration: 5-10 days depending on the selected class
  • Price: 6,000-9,500 depending on the selected class 
  • Talent Camps
    • Art
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Theater (new!)
    • Ballet (new!)


How to Join Promil i-Shine Talent Camp 7

Simply go to the Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Website 

1. Select Location

Great news mommies and daddies! i-Shine Talent Camps are also open to Batangas, Cebu, and Davao! So not only the Metro Manila kids can join 🙂

Select Camp

Reserve Slot

It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for? Enroll your kids in i-Shine Talent Camp today and nurture your child’s potential gift! 






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