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How To Know If You Should Get Braces For Your Child

Getting braces as a child seems like a right of passage for transitioning from childhood into healthy adulthood. However, dental work can be expensive, and there’s a possibility that the expense is unnecessary. 

There are some health reasons why braces may be necessary for your child’s overall health. If you’re wondering if your child may require braces, here’s a guide to everything you need to know before taking the plunge. 

Why Kids May Need To Get Braces

Braces are a great way to fix any imperfections in your smile cosmetically. However, experts on say that they are also the ideal treatment for numerous orthodontic issues. Some of these issues include:

  • Overcrowding and Spacing. Having overcrowded and irregularly spaced teeth is a common problem for many people. This issue can often carry over from childhood to adulthood. Braces can help move your teeth into an aligned position.
  • Misaligned Jaw. Having a misaligned jaw can be a painful issue and can cause problems down the line, such as issues with your temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). A qualified orthodontist can help move it to an aligned position and reduce your discomfort.
  • Overbites and underbites. Also known as malocclusions, uneven bites can be a highly complex issue that can cause the patient to have a hard time eating certain foods. Braces can pressure the teeth to help rectify this, creating a more comfortable bite.

In addition to these medical benefits, orthodontal treatments such as braces can help with issues your child may have chewing or speaking. Accurately aligning your teeth can help with the correct pronunciation. 

More commonly known, braces have a fantastic effect on increasing self-esteem due to their cosmetic benefits. Having a straight, healthy smile is a surefire way to boost confidence which can positively affect all aspects of your child’s wellbeing, such as their physical health, emotional health, and performance in school. 

Cost of Braces

The financial commitment of dental work is no laughing matter, and for many, this cost needs to be something to save up for. However, the cost may vary as there many different varieties. 

Metal train tracks are the most common type used and are generally the most cost-effective. Depending on the complexity and length of treatment, the price may vary between $2,000-$6,000. 

Another popular option is lingual braces which fit behind your child’s teeth. They are significantly more expensive than metal braces, will cost upwards of $5,000, and can even quote up to $13,000. If your child is concerned about their appearance or requires treatments later in their teen years, this may be a worthwhile option. 

Outside of traditional braces, there is also the option for invisible wireless braces. Similar to the metal style, these aligners slowly shift the position of your teeth, which costs anywhere between $3,000-$7,000.

When Should I Get My Child Braces?

If your child is suffering from dental pain, has an over or underbite, or has a misaligned jaw, consider visiting an orthodontist. However, most children tend to receive braces between the ages of 9 and 13. Some kids can even get them as early as six if the situation is severe. If your child has a dental emergency, don’t wait; contact a medical professional immediately for help. 

Contacting An Orthodontist

If you are curious about whether it’s time for your child to get braces, contact a trustworthy orthodontist for a consultation. They will be able to assess whether your child’s teeth need needs them for health or cosmetic purposes. Once you have all the information, you can decide as a family if braces are suitable for your child. 

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    These are nice guidelines in order to know if the child need braces. We should really look after their health and comfort.

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