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Just like how the saying “Beauty is only skin deep” goes. You are so much better than what you see on your face.  But even though this is the truth, we live in a superficial world where we are judged by the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, how we dress up. People judge us initially by our appearance and that’s reality.

Do you know who is the worst critic of all? Ourselves. We have so much more to offer but because of hindrances like dull skin, acne, and pimple scars; We let our insecurities get into us that we can’t let our bright personality shine through. Kaya when I watched this video, I can relate to her experience kasi I also had a lot of pimples before. I felt ugly. I got teased a lot at school. I was not a happy person. 
I can imagine how his dad felt, especially since unlike moms he wasn’t fully aware of products that can help his daughter. It’s so frustrating that he can only do so much to support her and build her confidence back. But here’s the thing, you can do something about it. I’m genuinely glad that maxi-peel is doing a campaign to inform the public how to use their products the right way because it works

Why Exfoliate?

Accumulating dead skin cells on our face is one of the primary cause of acne,  because just like dirt; dead skin clog our pores and clogged pores means acne (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples). Some people are blessed that their skin naturally renews at a faster rate but some, need help to renew their skin on a timely basis. This is where maxi-peel comes in. It works by exfoliating skin, taking the bad components out, revealing new, fresh, and smooth skin.

The 3-step Exfoliation Night Regimen

  1. Wash your face using maxi-peel anti-bacterial deep cleansing vitamin enriched facial wash
  2. 2 drops of maxi-peel solution on your cotton is all you need for your entire face and neck to reveal new skin
  3. Finish your regimen by using maxi-peel moisturizer. It’s light weight and non-greasy

Day Regimen

Please! I cannot stress this further! Our skin is most sensitive when it is newly exfoliated so don’t forget to use sunblock! Maxi-Peel has their own sunblock cream which has SPF20. Re-apply at least 3x a day for maximum protection.

Solutions for all Skin Types

#1 for Mild – 1-5 pimples per side
#2 for Moderate – 6-10 pimples per side
#3 for Severe – 11 or more pimples per side

You Can Make A Difference NOW – Bagong Ganda Bagong Pag-Asa

Don’t ever let bad skin stop you from revealing who you really are. You are so much more than the pimples on your face. Using maxi-peel will reveal your new skin so you can finally focus on what’s more important, beyond what you see. YOUR CONFIDENT SELF.

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