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IVI Premium Collagen Review



So why did I buy IVI Collagen? It’s not because of Gretchen. Okay, though I really like Gretchen for her beauty and fresh look. I really don’t buy the whole it’s because she drinks the collagen that she looks so young. It’s so obvious she had plastic surgery and done botox here and there. I have nothing against having surgery to maintain our good looks but I’m not fond of misleading people.

Besides Glutathione supplements, collagen supplements and other beauty supplements have been increasing in popularity here in the Philippines. Women are getting more vain each day and would like to be their prettiest. Hay, can you guess how old I am na? I want to look as young as I possibly can kaya I try all sorts of supplements. I’m into collagen now. From collagen drinks to collagen capsules. The first ones I tried was DHC Nameraka. Now I bought IVI because it’s so easy to buy at Mercury Drug or Watson’s but it’s really expensive.

How much does IVI Collagen cost?

It costs around 113php per sachet

Does IVI collagen work?

Yes, it actually works overnight. But don’t expect looking 10 or 20 years younger. I actually recommend this to people who will attend an event or look blooming and fresh the following day because it does just that. Drinking it daily will keep you looking that way. Your skin plump, glowing, radiant. But once you stop, as in even 1 day, *poof* no more effect.

The effect is temporary, compared to glutathione that even if you stop your skin color still remains white.

How does IVI Collagen taste?

It tastesless but has a really slimy texture that make sit hard to gulp down. I suggest mixing this with juice, milk, or frappe to minimize the slimy fishy texture.

IVI Collagen Ingredients



It has 5,000mg of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, l-cystine, and vitamin b complex. The other ingredients are so miniscule to make a significant difference so only the collagen here counts.

Will I buy again?

Yes, but I don’t consider taking this everyday. It’s too darn expensive to be taken on a regular basis. I’ll buy a sachet and drink it the night before attending a wedding, debut, party, event, or a special occassion. I’m still on the lookout for a really good collagen supplement that can help long-term. 

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