My True Story – How I Registered with BIR as a Self-Employed Blogger

The experience made me as ugly as the left photo T_T I’m sure there are a lot of bloggers out there who wants to know how they can file for BIR and give out their receipts to clients. Hey, if we earn we should pay our due taxes right? Ugh so why does the government make it so hard for us?!  This is not really a how-to post, I will try my best to explain detail by detail on what I did. My experience, hardships and trials. Intramuros Now before going to BIR to register, I made sure I read everything I can on the internet. How to register as self-employed, what are the requirements I should bring, who I should look for, steps I should take. But I wasn’t entirely prepared for what will really happen during the time that I file my registration. Que horror or should I say, I shed tears of blood LOL. MY STORY Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? – I went to BIR. ( Do not wear shorts and slippers. Those are not allowed in the premises and they will not let you in even if you beg. ) I was wearing shorts because my leg has a cast and my jeans won’t fit. – Bring 2 valid IDs – I came and talked to an officer, he told me I need to fill-up form 1209 to register, which I did. Then this man told me I need additional evidence that I am paid as a blogger. Proof of payments then I should pay “late charges” daw. (BEWARE. There isn’t such a thing. I was filing for 2016 and have no payments received yet.).  Best to print out e-mail agreements with your clients or proof that you will work for them as a blogger. He also told me that I was registered in Makati so I had to transfer RDO first – I went to Makati the same day, my experience in Makati was hassle-free, the people are nicer there. In my opinion. -The following week I came back to the same dude, I told him I finished transferring RDO and you know what he told me? “Go to the assessment officer and show all your papers and requirements” – At BIR they change their assessment officer of the day, I presented the assessor my letter from nuffnang that I am hired as a blogger freelance. The officer stamped my form. I asked her what I should do next and she told me to “Balik ka na lang bukas” it was only 2PM. I asked other employees what I should do next and they just passed me from one employee to another. – It was so frustrating, I litereally bawled on my seat. I cried like there was no tomorrow. I was still badly bruised and recovering from my car crash accident and didn’t need be toyed around by these people like everyone else. I CRIED AND CRIED. Until finally the chief officer taught me what to do step-by-step. HOW TO REGISTER YOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN BIR (If you want a more organized and neat instructions visit she’s really good) The first thing you should do is go to the “Officer of the Day” to guide you all the way, I hope she/he is nicer than who I encountered… 1. Make sure you’re in the correct RDO (List of RDOs: Submit the stamped assessment registration forms and proof to get a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION 2. Call and call and call to follow up, usually it takes a week or two for them to process this 3. After getting your CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION, now you need to apply for ATP (authority to print). Submit photocopies of your COR to the ATP line. This will take 1-2 weeks for them to approve this 4. Once you have your ATP, ask if they know an authorized printer (List of ATP: . You need to print 10 booklets and have these stamped officially. You can ask the authorized printer to go in line to stamp the booklets for you. 5. YOU FINALLY HAVE RECEIPTS AND REGISTRATION CONGRATULATIONS. Maybe it depends on the RDO? Maybe there are RDO’s who have nicer employees than others? There will always be a rotten tomato in a company, I didn’t expect to see a LOT of them. I’m glad there are still a few who have concern though, like the chief officer (Thank you Ms. Pat Milaor!) who saw me crying and finally asked how she can help. Which she did, she helped me through all the steps and pushed those rotten tomato employees to work. In conclusion, after 8 weeks of begging, crying, running around in circles and finally asking for help to as many people I know I finally got my registration and receipts. Is it worth it? I guess so. It’s the right thing to do. Registering. We have no choice. For the filing of income and everything else, I’m hiring an accountant dammit! The easy way via Taxumo Taxumo is an online web service that does all the “dirty” work for us. From business registration, tax remittance, returns, and renewal. They gave me peace of mind really. With their helpful reminders and affordable service. The subscription fee is worth it because it saves me from stress. Visit their website and use my code: KIKAYSIKAT to instantly get 500 pesos off your first transaction! Disclaimer: All of these were true stories of the author based on personal experience. What happened to her may not happen to you. No names were mentioned for the safety and protection of the author.