New Payment Methods for Delicious Diet [Press Release]

I wouldn’t accept the long-term partnership if their food wasn’t really delicious no 😛 so just to give you an update, I’ve been eating their meals at work, everyday and so far the food hasn’t disappoint. It’s yummy and well seasoned all the time and I appreciate the sweet snacks every afternoon! (For a sweet tooth like me, this is a must-have). Not to mention it helps me control my cravings from eating out so it saves me the fat and the gastos.


GOOD NEWS. Delicious Diet Delivery now accepts the following payment methods and you can contact them thru viber

  • BDO
  • BPI
  • Smart Money
  • Credit Card (upon inquiry)
Here’s a few of my delicious diet meals just to give you an example. I post my food sometimes when I think of taking photos before eating them fast (because I’m so hungry all the time LOL)

Cookies, Toast, and Mushroom Omelette
 Breakfast Pizza – Photo Credits to Jill of 
Fish Fillet, BBQ Chicken, Veggies, and Brown Rice
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