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Orihiro Night Diet Tea Review – Slim While You Sleep


Orihiro Night Diet Tea is the partner of En Natural Green Smoothie in my mom’s quest for being healthy and fit. She’s been bugging me for some time now to buy her slimming pills, even dangerous ones like Bangkok Pills (PLEASE DON’T) and I guess I know where my stubbornness came from. I tell her that if she really wants to slim down, she should start by eating healthy and exercise regularly. She told me she’s so fat already that she needs a bit of a push, some sort of assistance to motivate her lifestyle change.


I love my mom. I want the best for her. That’s why I did my research for healthy weight loss supplements that will support her goals. I gave her the regimen to take En Natural Green Smoothie in the mornings, and Orihiro Night Diet Tea at Night (well duh, kaya nga Night Tea Kaycee HAHAHA). I trust Japanese products and believe they do the best research in scientific development of what they produce. Safe. Effective. Quality.

Orihiro Night Diet Tea Effects

  1. It contains a unique PATENTED amino-based acid diet burning particles.
  2. No stomach cramps.
  3. No LBM.
  4. No unpleasant after taste.
  5. Proven effective in shedding unwanted fats.
  6. No palpitation.
  7.  Proven natural and guaranteed safe for healthy weight loss
  8. Burns fat Works while you sleep
  9.  Non caffeine base so suitable to intake before sleeping


Orihiro Night Diet Tea INGREDIENTS

  • rooibos – anti-inflamattory, boosts immune system, helps with migraine, good for skin
  • candle bush – anti-fungal
  • sweet tea – sweet flavor
  • ginger – speeds up metabolism, and burns excess fat
  • chamomile – mild relaxant
  • lysine – helps digestion
  • arginine – good for skin
  • ornithine – supports muscle growth

How to take:

Pour the boiling water and put one teabag of this product in the cup, leave for about 2-3 minutes and enjoy to drink.



The ingredients speaks for itself. It’s caffeine-free, tastes good, and works while you sleep. What more can my mom ask for? The rooibos leaves is also a good relaxant that can actually help you with your slumber. Mommy has insomnia and migraine. She complains about it all the time, but after she started taking this tea, the frequency of her rants decreased. So I’m quite happy! Hahahaha!

It helped her to get a regular bowel movement, but not too much that you can call it LBM. She told me she feels lighter in the morning with a happy disposition. I’m definitely getting her a supply.





This is my mom after 1 month of taking Orihiro Night Diet Tea together with En Natural Green Smoothie. She lost a total of 5lbs without diet and exercise. My mom is LAZY AF even if I keep on telling her to go with me to the gym. It’s frustrating that she’s dependent on supplements. I can’t help it. It’s her choice. What can I do? Well, after this she’s trying out Vitapack Slimaluma for 2 months and I’m crossing my fingers she at least do cardio or zumba *rolls eyes*

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Her supply is good for one month and  I’ll be posting an after photograph of her after that amount of time. No edits! Praying to the heavens she doesn’t depend on this one alone and starts eating healthy and exercising. Please come back in a month or two as I’ll post an update on how she looks like. *crosses fingers*