PR: 10 Essential Items that You Should Bring When You Travel

This quarter, Robinsons Selections’ theme “Pick-up and Pack-up” is dedicated to the born traveler who is always up for an adventure. Here are a list of fundamental items that should go in the travel bag for a guaranteed awesome trip.

What kind of traveler are you?

#1 Portable and nutrition-packed food

If one is to go camping, it is best to bring items that require less cooking and can be eatin hot and cold. This brings into picture Arrowhead’s flaxseed and quinoa that are both rich sources of dietary fiber and protein.

#2 Fundamental Liquids

Water is basic necessity and potable drinking water might not always be available when travelling. Always carry bottles of drinking water like Blue Water in Orange and Lychee for a little twist to your regular water Another option is to pack healthy drinks in carton boxes like Tipco’s Broccoli and Pomegranate fresh juices. It doesn’t require refrigeration unless opened and it’s easy to dispose after.

#3 Canned Goods

Canned goods have always been every traveler’s trusted companion. It is a meal in a can that’s easy to pack and doesn’t take too much space. Palm corned beef is highly recommended and it comes in three delightful variants: garlic, onion, and bbq. 

#4 Raw Cheese Slices

Although cheese may not be considered exactly necessary, adding dairy to your diet is healthy too. Transform simple packed sandwiches into something special by slipping in a hefty slice of cheese. Choose Kraft processed cheese for a creamy twist.

#5 Fruits

Oh crap… To be honest when travelling I just bring my clothes and sunblock LOL because I’m up for a carpe diem adventure and let the place I go to provide what I need. What’s great about these items sent over by Robinsons Selections is that it’s a perfect curation of healthy and delicious food that’s nice to have in your pantry. These are wayyyy wayyy to heavy to bring ALL of them with you to travel. Maybe bring one or two of their suggested things. If you’re out on a picnic with your family this is great too!
#6 -#10 are Containers, Sanitizers, Insect Repellent Basics, and Emergency Snacks.

Thanks Stratworks Marketing and Robinson’s Selections for sending us over this superb grocery bag filled with travel essentials! Geof and I loved the Blue orange drink and  my lola and tita loved the Olay Regenerist serum. 

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