Press Release: Sunscreen and the City: Daylong’s Advocacy Towards Every Day Sun Protection

(Manila, Philippines) It has been almost a year since Daylong first introduced its campaign for daily, cellular sun protection, advocating that sunscreen should be part of everyday skincare regimen. The trusted makers of Cetaphil launched Daylong to provide clinically-proven protection against the sun, all the way to the cellular and DNA level. With a state-of-the-art formula that has a uniquely light texture and a smooth finish, this Swiss brand successfully conveys its message for daily, deep, and complete solar defense.
While the whole city bustles in preparation for summertime, and for days of basking under the beautiful sun on some of the most exquisite local beaches, Daylong has been working quietly – preparing for something bigger. 
Staying true to its commitment of caring for the skin, whether the sun is out or not, Daylong conducted a study to reveal that the sun exposure in the city has the same intensity as at the beach. Using sun sensors that can detect UV radiation, Daylong has shown that the UV radiation in the city of Manila reaches the same level as on the beaches of Boracay.
The concept of the study was to support our advocacy for daily sunscreen wear. Daylong is new in the game, but this is how we want to make an impact   by undertaking a responsibility to provide daily sun care and protection that works even on a cellular level. explains Jon Lee, Brand Manager of Daylong.
Daylong worked with five influential urbanites, whose schedules are immersed in city-living lifestyles. Each of them has a different role: student, blogger, runner, host and writer, and mother – but each shares the interest of balancing happy and successful lives.
These multi-faceted women are student and FOX Sports Asia courtside reporter, Janeena Chan; stylish mommy blogger who works on a 24-hour duty for 2 children, Jackie Go; the triathlete mom known as The Bull Runner who is a health and fitness inspiration to everyone, Jaymie Pizzaro; in-demand beauty blogger and owner of Catwalk Cosmetics and Wigs, Marj Sia; and lifestyle show writer and host, Marie Lozano.
Daylong produced a video where these five dynamic women show how they embody the lives we have today – always on-the-go, fulfilling duties simultaneously at home and at work or school, but always remaining protected from the sun.
Supporting this advocacy and in attendance was also Dr. Daisy Ismael, President of the Philippine Dermatological Society. Daylong’s commitment to daily sun care can be viewed online at, and on Daylong Philippines’ social media pages:DaylongPH on Facebook and @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram.
*Slight tampo. I wasn’t invited to the event. Posting out of goodwill and I love Jap 🙂

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