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Project Sexy Program – Strong Curves and Lean Gains – Update August 2015

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I got fat last weekend, or we all got fat last December. I took my metabolism and active lifestyle for granted. I’ve always been skinny so what the heck right? But I got fat. I GOT FREAKING FAT.  This is a lengthy post but it’s worth it! So please read everything!  This guide will have everything you need to learn from what to eat and how to work out. Strong. Lean. Fit. Sexy.


Then grabe after the holidays summer beach season na no? Perfect timing! *sarcasm* I decided to build this page as my reference, and also as a guide for everyone (including myself) on the workout programs and diet that has been most effective during my experiments. The initial program is 12 weeks for beginners. Even if I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and consider myself in the middle, I’d like to start from ground zero for this.

Overeating finally took its toll and no matter how I tried to “eat healthy” or get into a diet, my love for sweets got the best of me. It’s not the right or wrong. It all boiled down to discipline. I lack control in that area, and probably most of you who are reading this are too.

I bought a book written by Bret Contreras 2 years ago Strong Curves, it was one of my most beloved fitness book and I learned a hefty amount of information on how to build a great female physique. That sexy curvy lean body that women always wanted to have. Just follow the program consistently and eat with discipline.

Kikaysikat Says: Le blog will be focused on getting ready for summer (and for life!) with how to achieve that summer bikini body, protecting your skin from the sun, makeup looks for summer, spring/summer style and how to stay fair!  Disclaimer: I AM NOT A FITNESS/NUTRITION EXPERT. Take this article with a grain of salt as this is personalized for myself and can just serve as your start-up reference.


Almost all fitness and workout programs take 12 weeks for you to fully see the results. 3 months is not so long right? January, February, March. Perfect timing for beach season.


To summarize, lean gains is a combination of intermittent fasting, macro counting, and carb cycling. So what are those 3?

A handy dandy lean gains cheatsheet you can use or print and keep it in your wallet or desk!


  1. Intermittent Fasting– This can be a simple as not eating for a number of hours. It all depends on you. I usually fast for 16 hours and have a feeding period of 8 hours (Feed: 1PM-8PM) (Fast: 8PM-1PM). I just skip breakfast. If you aren’t keen on not eating you can try fasting for 14 or even 12 hours.

  2. Macro Counting– This is counting your protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You should eat at least 1g/protein per lean body weight. (ex. I weigh 103lbs, I try to eat 70g-80g of protein)

  3. Carb Cycling– This is eating more carbs less fat during workout days. Eating more fat less carbs during rest days. Protein stays the same.

More information you can read here: 



This is a customized workout program created by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis specifically for women. REAL workout that requires you to lift heavy and focus on glutes. But they do take it lightly for beginners and most of their beginning exercises are bodyweight. I bought the book and the workout routine is on public on his site

Download Strong Curves Workout Routines: Click here to download

More information you can read here:


Simple. Fast. Effective. This is my current workout for 2 years already and I keep getting consistent results. It takes less than an hour to finish and flexible enough to adjust if you’re too busy. There’s a handy google app to to help you with everything! (More details: Wendler 531)


It’s easier to track progress and food intake with mobile applications. Here are 2 of the best out there.

  • JEFIT– While it takes time grasping, I already set-up until weeks 5-8 and it’s in public. Simply look for “Strong Curves” in the search function.

  • MyFitnessPal– To track your calories and macro intake. BE HONEST in inputting what you eat. You only lie to yourselves.

  • Best Diet Delivery in Metro Manila – If you’re too lazy to cook your own food

  • Metro Manila Gym Reviews – Featuring the best, most popular, and highly accessible gyms in the metro.


Here’s what we’re possibly going to look like in a few months if we follow the program consistently, eat well and train hard. Strong. Fit. Lean. Sexy.




This will serve as a linkage to progress stories and photos. A future reference. I’m sure most of you have experienced the same thing. Start out the year with the goal to get fit and then most of us struggle with failure. I really hope this time, it works for the rest of us! Good luck to everyone! Let me know how it goes on your end too!August 8 2015 – I was surprised when I woke up this morning and saw marvelous cuts on my stomach. My quads are visible and muscles toned.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! Please show some love by leaving a comment, sharing this post, or

Feel free to ask questions, share your weight loss struggles, leave a comment below!

“Don’t wish for it. Work for it.” – anonymous

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