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Personal Musings

What Do We Say to the God of Death? NOT TODAY

News: KIKAYSIKAT will NOT shutdown but I transferred to a new home and this blog will no longer be personally updated. Do support my new home (link on my instagram bio! 


Secretly jealous snakes, traitors, backstabbers, and fake “friends” are probably rejoicing now with the sudden drop of my traffic. It’s inevitable once you’ve been slapped on by google with a penalty I didn’t even deserve

As a person battling with bipolar disorder, with chaotic cycles of mania and depression. This event is not. helping. at. all. I was hesitant to write about this turmoil I’m experiencing. But I have to. My heart is exploding. Is anyone even reading this?

Don’t worry, it may take days, weeks, or months (depending on how fast google’s admin responds) but know this:

I will do whatever it takes. To be back from where I was, or even achieve greater site traffic than ever before.


Public Service Announcement

My website, which has been running for 10 years now has been unjustly penalized for manipulation which I didn’t do and wasn’t even aware of. What are the consequences? 


While I’m thankful enough that my domain hasn’t been entirely blacklisted by the famous and only search engine it has been deliberately demoted in rankings.

  • Website is till enlisted
  • ALL webpages can still be viewed
  • DA/PA is still the same


I even avoid looking at my analytics now seeing how it used to have 4,000 visits a day to a measly 800. My heart is crying. As if my website suffered damages as big as the battles in Game of Thrones Episode 8: The Longest Night. Like a hoard of wights attacked my castle.


Learnings and Corrections

I’ve always credited myself as an SEO Strategist. Yet here I am suffering from the very thing I assume to be an expert of. I’m fumbling, asking for help left and right. Grateful for the SEO FB Group in the Philippines for leading me to the right direction.

Mistake: I got panicky AF and feel so stupid to be sending a reconsideration request to Google Console without even doing research and root cause analysis.

Correction: I’ve taken to account all the “unnatural” linkage that damaged my domain’s reputation. Listed them, and will now place on a disavow file to protect it. I even made a step-by-step documentation on all my research, root cause analysis, and corrections.

Now I wait. Because I need to wait for google console admins to respond to my earlier stupid reconsideration before I sent them this new, improved, and almost-perfect one.

Kikaysikat is not dead. It’s fighting a battle. 

What do we say to the God of Death?


Update: I sent 3 different reconsideration requests and got rejected each time. So instead of moping around, I just gave birth to a new baby. Which I think is best because I can no longer relate to the name kikaysikat but to my new one which is… you know what it is 😉


How can you help?

Support my new blog 🙂 I can’t mention its name here because it might get penalized as well huhu