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REVIEW: Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie is the BEST TASTING Collagen Powder

Hellooooo guyssss! Alam nyo naman kung hindi gluta ang nilalalak ko for my anti-aging needs, I also take collagen supplements. But we all know how most collagen drinks have that yucky fishy taste/smell despite their efforts to mask it. 


Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie (Price: 1,400 box of 10 sachets) came along! No kidding. I’ve tried countless collagen powders and this is the best tasting (so far). Continue reading for my full review (THIS IS #NOTSPONSORED)



  • Improve skin texture and firmness. An average of 13% reduction in wrinkles according to scientific studies
  • Decreased appetite
  • Lighter/brighter skin appearance and reduction of age spots
  • Increased bone strength
  • Improved skin moisture and hydration
  • Improved tendon, and joint flexibility


Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie Description

Belo Collagen Smoothie 2

Looking young is just a delicious, daily drink away!

• In a delectable melon flavor that tastes like a milkshake!
• With an advanced anti-aging formula that helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity and suppleness
• Fast-dissolving powder formula
• Each box contains 10 pieces of 16-gram sachets

Directions for use
Take 1 sachet per day, with or without a meal. If you are taking 2 sachets a day, it is best to take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Just empty content of sachet and dilute in 250mL of cold water.

For adult use only. Not intended for children, pregnant, and lactating women.




Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie Review

Packaging – It comes in your usual belo powder drink box with sachets inside. I know it’s more convenient in sachet form but I hope they can think of ways to make their product more environment friendly. Refillable cans perhaps? Paper sachets instead of foil?

Ingredients – It’s got a hefty amount of protein in each pack. 5,000mg is enough to experience the benefits of collagen with regular intake. I love that it has 5mg of protein already too! Do check the sodium content though as it’s higher than most at 36.5mg. I assume this helps aid the flavor.

Dosage – I take 1 sachet anytime of the day as needed.

Taste – I did mention earlier that this is the best tasting collagen powder I ever tried! You must be curious what it tastes like. MELON with just the right amount of sweetness and milk. I have strong sense of smell and cannot detect any fishy aroma. I’M IN LOVE. 

I could even chug this as a regular treat when I’m craving for milk tea huhu this is so good.


Final Thoughts

Guys. We found a gem in this baby. BELO is indeed one of the best innovators when it comes to skincare and supplements. I’ll definitely repurchase and I hope they come up with new flavors! Chocolate perhaps? Or strawberry? A girl can dream! ^_^

CON: Yes isa lang. It’s hard to mix! I still get a lot of chunks kahit stirred with a spoon for a few minutes huhuhu… 

PROS: Masarap din sya papakin (eat on its own huhu)


*I got this at Sample Room and you can too for free (while supplies last). You can purchase this at Watsons, SM Beauty, Mercury Drug, or any leading drugstores!