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Review: Chin Chun Su Face Cream

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What?  Chin Chan Su Chinese Pearl Cream
Price?  25php
Where to buy? Mercury Drug
Side Effects? None
When I was in elementary school,  I had a yaya looked like the moon.  She had a lot of red cystic pimples all over her face and scars.  Whenever I was being bratty (yes we all had that phase)  I would tell her she’s pimply. We had these fights because she won’t let me play my gameboy after school just like my mom instructed her. 
Every night,  she put white stuff on her face that made her look like Michael Jackson on steroids. She told me it was Chin Chan Su.  After a few months of seeing her with that cream,  I noticed significant improvement on her face.  Her pimples subsided,  her skin looked fairer and “radiant”  and scars less visible.  What the heck?  The 14php cream was working! Albeit she should have used that to her whole body because only her face and neck turned fair. I was around 9 that time but I won’t forget the cream. 

Flash forward to 2015 and seeing it on the rack of mercury drug got me curious again.  I had a pimple on my chin and want to try something new.  I apply it every night and day on my face and after a week the pimple on my chin dried up and peeled off.  My skin didn’t turn white maybe they changed the formula? When I apply it during daytime it is similar to a cc cream. It doesn’t absorb to the skin and just sits there on top, it is also sticky. You can top it with powder to lessen the stickiness.
Ingredients: Pearl powder,  talc,  petrolatum,  vit.  a,  vit.  e,  titanium dioxide, sulfur, salicylic acid
sulfur and salicylic acid are the ingredients that combat acne by drawing them out and drying them
CAUTION: Make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly with soap or toner before applying this. Put this on a CLEAN face. Or else hell will break lose. 

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I’m using it today and I must say it’s a great and affordable alternative to a tinted moisturizer. However,  this cream will only look good in the daytime for girls who have fair and even-toned skin. 
If you are morena,  you can use this cream at night time before going to sleep.  It does smell like an old grandma so don’t put this cream if you want romancing from your SO hahaha. You can read more of my whitening cream reviews and experiences here (

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