Sensodyne Say No to Ngilo [Press Release]

Disclaimer: Press release in a rush, need to post today daw LOL #masyadongrevealing! 🙂 I have sensitive teeth because I got braces 3 months ago. Grabe ang hirap kumain kasi nangingilo every time. I love sweets pa naman 🙁 I went to Sensodyne’s Say No To Ngilo event last week because yes, I needed anti-tooth sensitivity toothpaste and mouthwash para makakain ako ng maayos without the pain. 

For 9 out of 10 Filipinos who suffer
from sensitive teeth or pangingilo, “sensitive” is a bit of an understatement
to describe the delicate condition of their teeth.

Characterized by a short, sharp,
shooting pain, which many sensitivity/pangingilo sufferers often choose to just
endure, the discomfort caused by sensitive teeth may only last for a short
period, but the emotional effects of missing out on those precious moments with
your loved ones over food and drinks has a far longer impact.
“Having sensitive teeth
can mean anything from getting a mild twinge to having severe discomfort that
can last for several hours. It can also be an early warning sign of more
serious dental problems.” said Dr. Rannier Reyes of the Philippine Periodontal
Sensitive teeth occurs when the layer
of enamel becomes thin and exposes the softer dentine underneath. This soft
layer makes up the inner part of the tooth leading to the tooth’s nerve center
and triggers the pain you feel.
Other things that
can cause sensitive teeth are:
too hard or using a hard bristled toothbrush
(gum disease)
Last year, GlaxoSmithKline, the makers
of Sensodyne, the #1
sensitivity toothpaste in the Philippines which is also recommended by
dentists, spearheaded the “Say No to Ngilo” advocacy where dentists, consumers
and Sensodyne came together to enjoin everyone to heed the call to take action
to no longer endure the discomfort of pangingilo.
In 2015, GSK and Sensodyne takes the advocacy
a notch higher with the launch of “Great Little Moments” digital campaign which
encourages Filipinos not only to “Say No to Ngilo,” but also share their
experiences after converting to Sensodyne and how they are able to fully enjoy
their great little moments sensitivity-free.
“With the start of the summer season,
everyone is now looking for someplace or something cool, be it at the beach,
the pool or even just a quick respite from the heat with some cold drinks or a
cone of ice cream, but if you have sensitive teeth, enjoying those cold treats
can be a bit tricky,” says Heather Pelier, Incoming Consumer Healthcare General
Manager, GSK Philippines.
“But it’s more than just missing out
on food. When you choose to just endure the pain, you do it at the expense of
fully enjoying experiences and social occasions that go along with it, making
you miss out on those great little moments with your loved ones,” Pelier added.
The digital campaign encourages
consumers to share their “Great Little Moments” in the Sensodyne Philippines
website ( by uploading a photo of a moment (eg. sipping hot
chocolate, eating halo-halo, etc.) they can now fully enjoy because they are
pangingilo-free. Winners of the contest will win a trip for two to South Korea.
 “For those who have sensitive teeth like me, I
know you’d agree that it is not something you can just ignore. Sensitive teeth
can ruin the mood of any romantic date, or stop you from enjoying those
unforgettable moments with your loved ones,” Sensodyne brand ambassador, Luis Manzano shares.
Heather Pelier adds, “Our message is
simple, there is no need for sensitivity to impact anyone’s life. Making a
simple change to one’s oral care regimen will make a real difference. Now that
Sensodyne has reached out to more Filipinos who used to just endure the pain,
we want to encourage them to tell their stories now that they can enjoy their
favorite food and drinks and fully enjoy the eating moments with their family
and friends without fear of pangingilo.”
breath with Sensodyne Mouthwash
With the launch of the new campaign,
GSK is introducing the new Sensodyne Mouthwash to complement its toothpaste and
complete its expert sensitivity regimen to help consumers put an end to teeth
Sensodyne Mouthwash has all the
benefits of a regular mouthwash like providing lasting freshening effect, and fluoride
to strengthen teeth and protect against decay. It’s alcohol-free plus it gives
pangingilo relief. It has two variants (Cool Mint and Extra Fresh 250mL) at
Php165 SRP. The mouthwash is distributed in major supermarkets and drugstores
“We highly recommend that you use the
Sensodyne mouthwash together with the Sensodyne toothpaste to give clinically
proven relief and daily protection for pangingilo,” says Pelier.
So, if you have pangingilo, switching
to Sensodyne to replace your regular toothpaste and mouthwash can make a big
difference not only in your enjoyment of everyday life, but also in your
overall oral health.
Don’t let the pain of sensitivity get
in the way. Say No to Ngilo and Yes to those Great Little Moments!

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