SkinWhite Launches #BetterMe Campaign and Captivate Council

You know how I keep on promoting my Before and After Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan Post? It’s because I want to share with you guys that you are not alone. Everyone experienced hardships in different aspects some time in our lives, and I’m actually glad that Skin White launches their #BetterMe Campaign and Captivate Council. Finally, an advocacy for girl empowerment and improvement. Let’s face it and not be hypocrites that it’s “personality” alone that makes a person successful. Confidence, Smarts, Personality, Talent, Charm, and lastly, Attractiveness.  Beautiful Inside and Out.

Me Before.
 During these darkest days of mine (pun not intended) I was bullied and always called ugly and weirdo.

I did measures to make myself a #BetterMe inside and out through the years.
Their Kim Chui is perfect. We all know Kim didn’t start out as beautiful and as fair as she is today. She’s also the epitome of the description I posted above. Kim has been part of Skin White for 7 years already! Imagine that? When a celebrity becomes loyal to a brand, that brand is to be trusted indeed.
Photo Credits: Purple Plum Fairy

Photo Credits: Purple Plum Fairy

The Captivate Council

After its initial launch in 2013, the #BetterMe movement has become even bigger and better! To help inspire even more teens, SkinWhite held a casting call to scout for the loveliest and most inspiring girls for the second batch of the Captivate Council. Approximately 500 aspiring teens from some of the most prestigious college campuses in the country auditioned, but only 25 girls were handpicked. The basis for making this prestigious cut? Their accomplishments at school and ability to inspire others with their go-getting, stay confident attitude. 
Throughout the four-month campaign, the members of the Captivate Council can look forward to magazine features, multi-media exposure, and lots of fun events like the #BetterMe Ball. “We also included outreach activities and fitness parties because when it comes to becoming a #BetterMe, you need a more holistic approach. We want the members of the SkinWhite’s Captivate Council to lead by example,” shares Liz Caceres, assistant brand manager for SkinWhite. “It’s not just about looking good on the outside, but feeling good and doing good, too!”

Gosh, if I was only years younger I would have loved to join the captivate council and inspire ladies! Well, I think expressing myself through this blog can help too by spreading the word 🙂

Make-overs and Girl Power

For November, it was all about teaching the Captivate Council to celebrate their own unique beauty. Each member was treated to a fashion and beauty makeover where they were taught how to enhance their own individual assets and body type. To look even more gorgeous during their makeover shoot, the girls prepped their skin from head to toe by trying out samples of the SkinWhite Power Whitening Face Cream Powder (to score a powdery fresh, white glow on their complexion) and SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion (for instantly whiter, brighter skin upon application). “Being part of the Captivate Council helps me love myself more, says Chrissa Taleon, 20, a student at the University of Santo Tomas. “I also noticed that my self-confidence has grown the more I use the SkinWhite products. [Both these factors] motivate me to share and inspire other people—especially young girls.”

Let’s Spread the Word

These days, it’s easy for teens to become lost in social media drama or engulfed in their #fomo—fear of missing out. Through the #BetterMe campaign and the Captivate Council, we want to remind them of what really matters and allow them to develop their own inner confidence, so they can be kinder to themselves and others. “What’s amazing is that these girls also have a wide network within their respective circles. So even if their classmates and friends aren’t part of the council, they can still share what they’ve learned through the monthly activities we’ve arranged for them,” says Caceres. “It’s a great way to spread the #BetterMe image and help more teens become empowered.”
Skin White was one of the whitening products I used in the past for my whitening adventures. I love their soap most of all, their Skin White Power Whitening Lotion is also great if you want instant blush white fairness. 
While its active whitening ingredient that promises us beautiful blush white skin in 7 days is Vit. B3 and B5. It’s Niacinamide! Which I explained in my older posts why it’s a good and safe whitening ingredient.
SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion has a whopping SPF20 plus moisturizer Vit. E plus Vit. B3 and B5. Their Vitaourish formula that nourishes while whitens.  I do have to mention that this product has a light floral scent and applies well on the skin without the sticky feeling even on a hot day. My skin just felt soft and bouncy :p Using this during haggard says would definitely boost your mood and confidence!
Geof’s tiny feet. He likes to review with mommy!

Geof’s tiny hand in the background! He also used Skin White! So cute!


See how glowing my skin looks?

Improvement begins with I. 

– Arnold Glasow

Learn more about their #BetterMe Campaign and the Captivate Council thru the following Social Media Accounts!

Instagram: skinwhiteph
Twitter: skinwhiteph

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I only publish and write articles that are aligned with  my beliefs and advocacy. I believe in Skin White’s products and have tested them myself in my past experiences (see my previous skinwhite reviews)


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