What’s New? Design Your Own Tic-Tacs and Win Prizes

When I received this e-mail from one of my PR friends, sure I’ll post this. They treat me well so I was planning to copy/paste the whole press release since on my mind it was only tic-tacs. But when I opened the document and read the entire thing. I think this is really cool. What is it?

You can design your own Tic-tacs and get the chance to win a trip for 2 to Melbourne Australia, an Ipad Mini or a Diane F++ Camera. Okay that sounded cheesy. I don’t know what’s a Diane F++ Camera so I searched and discovered it was a Lomo cam that looked so cute. 

A Diane F+ Camera

You can use your empty tic-tac containers over and over by recycling. I’m planning fill mine with kisses and put cotton balls and alcohol so that they can make babies. LOL Remember those days? πŸ™‚ 


Unleash your creativity to the world with your own version of the Tic Tac pack. Be a Tic Tac pack designer just like Camille Co and Chino Lui Pio. Get inspired by their creations and start designing your own for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Melbourne, Australia, an iPad Mini or a Diana F+ Camera.
From the signature rattle and flip top flap sound, to feeling the small, oval pellets on your tongue, and the unique crunch to those who can’t help but bite into it, enjoying Tic Tac is an awesome sensual experience. Now you can add your own personal touch of visual elements to the sensorial indulgence.
So whether it’s about unleashing your feminine style ala Camille Co or splashing colors the Chino Lui Pio way, you have all the freedom to make the Tic Tac pack your own.
What are you waiting for? Begin expressing yourself in a multitude of colors and textures at Take your ideas into the visual smorgasbord that is your entry – by using the Tic Tac design app as your canvas, or by downloading the template and going freestyle.
With Tic Tac, imagination has no limits. So make the most out of the Tic Tac pack and show your friends the best way to enjoy it – with a glimpse of your inspiration, favorite items and all things fun under the sun.
Log on to with your Facebook account. An email address and contact number through mobile is required to register. Contest runs from 19 Jan 2015 to 16 Mar 2015 (submission period: 19 Jan – 1 Mar, voting period: 3 Mar – 16 Mar)

*Sorry for bombarding you with press releases. I’m super busy in the office and I’m drowning in blogging backlogs. I have a number of reviews coming your way so stay tuned! Love you guys!

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