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A few weeks ago, Ms Karla of Peau Chic Skincare sent me a few items from her store to try. These are her Pinkish Glow Set, Triple Whitening Lotion, and the Fruity Soap. Continue reading to see what these products are all about and what I think about them! This will be a super quick post. Hay, how’s everyone doing? I’m quite focused on making each post a quality one. The week has been quite eventful. I’ve been to 2 beauty box events; 1 from BDJ and 1 from Glamourbox, then went on my son’s family trip last weekend! Super fun! I’ve been trying to stay positive everyday. I realized that time spent on hate is time wasted. Do you agree?

Pinkish Glow Set 400php

The pinkish glow set reminds me so much of Beauche, where there’s a regimen to follow. But compared to Beauche, this feels milder on the skin, even their toner and pinkish glow cream. After 1 week of using I noticed a mild micropeeling effect that revealed fresher looking skin. The day cream that comes with the set reminds me of a fluffier version of Chin Chun Su

Triple Whitening Lotion (340php)

Their triple whitening lotion is easy to apply on the skin. It has a very good slip and spreads on without the need for rubbing. It’s floral scent is mild. One feedback is that it’s a bit hard to dispense the product using this bottle.

Fruity Whitening Soap (70php)

Last but not the least, the fruity whitening soap. OMG it’s rainbow colored! This has got to be the prettiest soap I’ve encountered. It smells of refreshing cucumber and melons too. I use this everyday (even my son too!) and we love it. It’s gentle and mild on skin and did not gave us any irritations whatsoever.


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