Why Settle When You Can Be Your Best Beautiful? [Press Release]

How do you look in your ID photos? I find it pretty common when most of my friends are ashamed of showing their IDs. Passports, driver’s license, employee ID. I mean come on. The most common photos we share to the public (besides our profile picture on social media) are these. So why not look our best? 
Ask any woman to show their IDs and it’s usually the same reaction. They are taken aback at first, and then they give multiple excuses as to why their photos are what they are: Not enough sleep the night before, terrible lighting, too many hours spent in line resulting in a haggard look. Just as quickly as women gave these excuses, they also say that they didn’t prepare for the photo because it’s “just an ID”.
ID cards are a representation of the bearer, and are used practically every day. Why settle for an ID you just show, when you can have an ID you can show off?
Step into your Best
Beautiful with Olay
set out to prove that women can take control, decide not to settle and have a
beautiful ID photo – even on a government ID. “I didn’t prepare anymore because
the line was haggard,” about their previous experience renewing a government ID,
seen as a task they wanted to “just to get it over with.” Not surprisingly,
their attitude leads to a government ID that they feel does not truly represent
them. “When [they] ask for valid IDs, I don’t give these out because they look
ugly. I feel like I don’t look like the person in the photo than in real life.”
One woman even declares, “I never show my IDs to my friends; I get so
starts with mundane things like an ID. Women do not have to settle for an ID
that does not show off their best beautiful – especially when all it takes is a
little preparation. 

gives these women a mini-makeover to make them ID-photo ready. Within a few
minutes, women look and feel more beautiful with Olay Total Effects Pore
Minimizing CC Cream.  “I just closed my
eyes for a few moments, and then when I opened my eyes later, I already saw the
difference,” recounts one woman, while another exclaims, “I’m confident, and
ready to conquer the world!”
CC Cream is an all-in-one multi-tasker, perfect for quick fixes to be
photo-ready. It contains Smart Color and 3D Pore Coverage technology to
instantly even skin tone and smoothen skin’s pore appearance. With continued
use, its Niacinamide also works to intensely hydrate the skin for long-term
improvement of skin appearance. Olay CC Cream is a simple step to help give
women beautiful skin with no makeup. After seeing the quick transformation, one
woman bravely shares, “I think I can take more ID pictures with my head up
beautiful in ID photos is easier than most women think. Like these women, you
too can make every photo your best ever. You deserve not to settle. You deserve
to be your #BestBeautiful.

CC Cream (20g) – PHP499.00
CC Cream (50g) – PHP999.00

Olay Pore Minimizing Toner (159ml) – PHP849.00  

Yes my dears, this is a press release post. But if you’ve been a long time reader here it will be obvious that I’m not those types who post every PR they get. I only share those I find useful or brands I really support. My lola, my aunt, my mom, even my boss are loyal Olay users! Their pore minimizing CC cream is the bomb too so do check-out my review on the Olay CC Cream here.

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