Beginners Guide to Perfumes

I love perfumes and keep a collection of bottles at home, I’m slowly building this review as I am planning to venture into being a perfumista *wink* to serve as a basic guide to new perfumistas like myself, I will share you the basic terminoligies you would frequently read in my reviews.


Sillage – the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn.
  1.           “neither scent has a very strong sillage”
Longevity – the staying power of the perfume
Top Notes – The first thing you’ll smell upon spraying the perfume. It’s the first layer
Heart Notes – The middle layer, the heart of the perfume. This one will linger on the top and base notes occasionally.
Base Notes – The bottom dry down of the scent. The most common base not is musk which is basically a skin scent. This will be the last thing you’ll smell