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    Facelift after Major Weight Loss

    Achieving weight loss after struggling for long is a major achievement for a majority of people. However, as you lose weight, your face loses its youthful appearance. Undergoing significant weight loss may leave you with excess, sagging skin, which might speed up the aging process.   After losing facial fat, you will most likely experience deep folds, jowls, sagging neck skin, and have a gaunt appearance. The sad part is that people go through this experience during their younger years. Fortunately, there are various techniques to correct the sagging skin, and one of the most popular techniques is a facelift surgery.   What is a Facelift Surgery? Facelift surgery can help rejuvenate your…

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    Nose Jobs & Their Importance

    There are close to a dozen or more plastic surgery techniques. Everything from eyebrow filling, liposuction, facelifts, and the ubiquitous breast implants. But by far the most challenging and the surgery with the highest chance of imparting your life is rhinoplasty, plastic surgery on the nose.   Because the nose sits in the center of the face, no other bodily feature goes into contributing to the primary features of the face like the nose, and when staring in the mirror, millions of both men and women are not pleased with what they see. For example, if our nose is wide at the base, surgeons can narrow it. If the bridge has a hump,…

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    3 Famous Celebrities who Achieved a Natural and Refined Face Lift

    When you think about having plastic surgery, your mind might immediately jump to the rare horror stories that are plastered on the front page of tabloids about patients who rendered themselves unrecognisable. While it’s true that some people can opt for too many procedures, it’s by no means the norm when it comes to improving your appearance with a little surgical intervention.  As we all live longer and more prosperously, it’s inevitable that we also want to turn back the years that are etched on our face and there’s nothing wrong with a person wanting to transform! Cosmetic surgery offers the ideal solution with a few natural and subtle adjustments as evidenced by…

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