Is Your Nose Itching?


Although there's a saying that if your nose is itching, people are gossiping about you. If you don't have colds or flu and the skin of your nose is itchy.

Your nose is most likely to be clogged.

Especially when we get exposed to dirt when we travel, the dirt accumulates deep into our pores and transform into yucky, and icky plugs.

This is a quick post because my nose have been itching the past few days because I've been just too busy with work (and still am *sob*) and even forgot to clean my skin well at night time as I'm too darn tired :( :(
and then it backfired.. it clogged my nose pores to the maximum level making it itch, and I can't help but scratch it or squeeze out the plugs manually but it's sooo wrong.

Solution? I remember I still had a huge bottle of M2 Skin Refinish I even made a review about it.
All we need is a bit of deep exfoliation using your choice of AHAs or BHAs.

I used it for 3 consecutive days and my pores are as clear as the toilet bowl. LoL

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