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5 Surprising Facts About Coffee

The most consumed and popular beverage in the world is coffee. Due to the growing market, standalone coffee shops have sprung over the years. Instant coffee came to be as a result of coffee’s popularity, and today nobody walks far to get coffee.

  1. It’s One Of The Most Traded Commodity In The World

Coffee farmers have increased over the past years. More than 50 countries, approximately twenty-five million farmers worldwide grow coffee. The study was conducted by the Global Exchange research, an international body responsible for promoting environmental, social and economic justice across the world.

Coffee comes second after petroleum in the worldwide market for goods with the most demand. Increased number of cafes and coffee shops is an indication of the love for coffee.

  1. Robusta And Arabica Are The Only Two Types Of Coffee

There are only two types of coffee, Arabica, and Robusta. The two can be differentiated based on their tastes. Robusta coffee is bitter than Arabica coffee, giving it an unpleasant taste. The difference in taste is as a result of Robusta having more caffeine than Arabica. The latter makes up seventy percent of coffee beans worldwide.

  1. Coffee Is Commercially Grown Only In Hawaii In America

Although Hawaii has got the best climate conducive to commercial coffee growing in the U.S, the best coffee subscriptions in Canada are available in more numbers. Coffee grows well along the equator, and during harvesting, the weather is the best for the coffee beans. More coffee is grown in Hawaii because local farmers put in more effort to produce the best.

  1. There Have Been Five Attempts To Ban Coffee

Mecca leaders have a different ideology about coffee, claiming it stimulates people’s radical thinking. The leaders first banned coffee in 1511. Another attempt was in the 16th century when clergymen in Italy believed coffee was satanic. Coffee was baptized in 1600 by Pope Clement VII who lifted the coffee ban because he loved it so much.

Murad IV, an Oman leader, made severe punishments on people found drinking coffee in 1623. The punishment included being thrown into the sea after his men thoroughly beat the culprit.

In 1946, the Swedish government banned any kind of paraphernalia involving cups and dishes. Fredrick the great of Prussia declared the superiority of beer over coffee in 1777 because he thought coffee interfered with beer consumption.

  1. Research On The Bad And Good Effects Of Coffee Is Still On

Diseases such as diabetics, cirrhosis, gallstones and many more, have been researched. Coffee is believed to have the capability to reduce the risk of developing such diseases. In the human body, coffee is a source stimulant. It also boosts the functioning of the body because of its caffeine content.

It energizes the entire body, in addition to boosting a person’s reasoning. However, coffee has side effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc.

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