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2/13/2013 Kaycee Enerva

Working out in the gym does not mean you should wear baggy shirts or clothes to hide your body. We all have our flaws and we should not be ashamed of that since we workout to improve our bodies. It also helps that we are free to move however we want without any distractions from loose clothing or any peekaboos. It also does not mean we should spend a lot on having nice gym wear. BUT being a busy bee that we are sometimes we have not enough time to go and shop anymore.

That's where on-line shopping comes in. Ah.. the perks of window shopping without the fuss of lines, hassle of bringing a lot of cash, and spending too much time at the mall. Well, haha although I  must admit it IS a good thing to be at the mall for hours (haha women!)

I'm so glad convinient malling is now available in the Philippines with the help of Zalora. It's an online haven where you can browse and buy all items you can think of from cosmetics, skincare, clothing, and even home accessories! Talk about complete!

Since I already know my size (it helps to know your size and measurements ;) ) I just browse around their sportswear for women to get new stocks of gym clothes so I can look and feel my best every time I work out.

They have convinient and flexible payment methods as well so rest assured of a  hassle free shopping experience! is Kikaysikat approved ;)

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Working out in the gym does not mean you should wear baggy shirts or clothes to hide your body....


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