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Lean Gains Week 3 : Valentine’s Tips, Body Fat Percentages and Changes

After doing a few more reads from several websites especially from I switched things up again to cater more of my  needs and making my so-called diet and fitness plan more effective. On people on a regular 9-6 or 8-5 working hours like I have maybe this can also serve as a guide.Since I go to the gym after office, Martin recommended not to workout hungry especially if you came from work. So now I follow the 1 Lunch 1 Pre-workout meal and 1 Post-workout meal on Training days, and 1 Lunch 1 Snack 1 Dinner on Non-workout. Heaviest meals are post-workout on training days and lunch on rest days. Carb cycling.

SMALL! Need em to get bigger >_< Taken on a Valentine’s day, a dinner with my good friend dixie, while we were observing daters Haha! #foreveralone

Training Days
Lunch consists of lean meats like chicken, fish, and carbs from veggies and fruits. Sometimes bread. For Pre-workout I take a scoop of my favorite protein shake, some milk, and if I need more carbs I also eat oatmeal, cereals, or fruits. For Dinner, I load up on brown rice, and lots of MEAT. Haha! Yum and I love the feeling of being full at night.

Percentage Caloric Intake
20% – 333 kcal
20% – 333kcal
60% –

Rest Days
Lunch is MEAT, veggies, and brown rice. The snack can be any source of lean protein, and green veggies, if I don’t get enough protein I drink protein shake. For dinner, I can have eggs, chicken, fish, and more protein.

Percentage Caloric Intake
60% – 721.2 kcal
25% – 300.5 kcal
25% –  300.5 kcal

Please do take note that this is my customized caloric and macro intake, and you shouldn’t use this one if you havent taken any actual measurements, or have a nutritionist to guide you.

Yesterday, before training I asked one of the coaches to measure my weight and body fat percentage, I know it’s not exactly the most accurate thing, but the difference in percentages is BIG so it proves some sort of progress.

3 weeks ago I was at 30% BF, measured 2x
Yesterday it was at 23%, I couldnt believe it. I did notice most of my clothes fit better, and jeans that I cannot zip, I can now zip and close with ease! Haha!!

BUT I felt weak. I don’t know if I’m over pushing myself, should switch to a BULK or RECOMP instead of CUTTING. I’m currently at 102.6 lbs and 23% Body Fat at 3 weeks of Lean Gains. I want to get stronger. Yesterday during training, I joined the workout of the week and was able to accomplish 3 rounds and 2 kettlebell snatches.  Top 10 gets to join the Bootcamp this April! DAMN IT!!!!!!

Workout of the Week
Burpee with weights – 5 reps – 10lbs per arm
Renegade pushups with Mountain Climbers – 5 reps – 10lbs per arm
Rotational Press – 5 reps per arm – 10lbs
2-arm Kettlebell snatch – 5 reps – 10kg per arm
And I forgot what it’s called, the one with the cylinder thing and then you roll your hips up, 5 reps

I did 3 rounds of everything and on my fourth, I was able to reach up to 2 kettlebell snatches. The top scorer did 4 rounds and 5 snatches, the 2nd one 3 rounds and 5 snatches.

I felt weak. I was disappointed. I could’ve pushed myself harder. I shouldn’t have been scared of swinging that kettlebell. Why was I scared? Because the other day, the kettlebell flew off my hand and broke the gym’s mirror. I was afraid of hitting someone with a kettlebell or breaking other things. Oh and don’t get me started with the pushups, pushups and pullups are my major weaknesses. I couldn’t lift myself off the floor fully. I’m fuming mad at myself.

After doing the WoW, I had more training. IT should consist 100 reps of each but since I was sooooo weak I did only 30 pushups, 50 burpees, 100 swings of a 12lbs kettlebell, and 80 mountain climbers.

Now I’m not sure if I’m weak because I’m not eating the amounts I should suppose to eat or I just need to train more. I’m planning to train on my own this saturday, to make 100 FULL pushups, 100 squats, 100 burpees, 20 snatches of a 10kg kettlebell, and 100 mountain climbers.

I just want to keep doing pushups until I can do it at ease. What motivates me? Myself. Not anyone else. I’m proving myself that I can do it, I can get stronger, better, do harder. Not just in working out at the gym but at everything else.



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