5 Unexpected Situations With the Greatest Likelihood of Ending in a Car Accident

To a certain extent, you are taking a certain amount of risk every time you start your engine and drive away in your car, but you can manage that risk and one way of doing that is to understand scenarios that are most likely to result in an accident.

If you do end up being involved in a collision it is likely that you might need to appoint a car accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you may be entitled to.

In the meantime, here is a look at some driving situations to be wary of.

The hidden cyclist

Car drivers are sharing the roads with an increasing number of cyclists and they don’t always behave in the most predictable way.

You will be on high alert for other cars as you pull away from the lights or turn a corner but as you take that right turn you should check to see if a cyclist is not coming up alongside your vehicle.


Fit to drive

Hopefully, you are a responsible driver who does not mix alcohol and driving but there is another scenario that also greatly impacts your ability to drive safely and respond quickly to situations around you.

That scenario is when you are driving tired.

Incredibly, almost 40% of us have fallen asleep at the wheel at some point in our driving career.

Make sure you are not too tired to drive if you want to reduce your odds of having an accident.


Unseen dangers

Following on from the earlier warning about taking a right turn without checking your mirrors the same rules of engagement apply to when you are making a left turn, especially at an intersection.

Sometimes, you might make a turn even when your view is obscured by a lorry, for instance, but making a blind turn can be a recipe for disaster.


How do you rate your driving skills?

Feedback from many motoring surveys tends to suggest that many drivers rate their driving skills to be much greater than they actually are.

Drivers losing control of their car is more common than you think and if you are honest about it you will probably be able to easily recount a few examples where you lost control of your car and had a lucky escape.

Always try to appreciate that it’s only natural to have some limitations to your ability and drive accordingly.


No excuse

Have you ever driven into the car in front of you?

About a third of all crashes involve a classic rear-ender scenario where the car behind you fails to stop, or it’s you that is the one getting out of the car to try and explain your actions.

Always aim to leave plenty of space if you don’t want to be at fault in a collision, which is what you will normally be if your car drives into the one in front of you.

Be mindful of these classic car accident situations and it should help you to maintain a safe driving record.


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