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6 Ways to Make That Guy You Like Notice You

Everyone harbors a crush now and again, but the question is, are you ever going to act on it? You may not feel right approaching them if they’ve never noticed you before. Today, we’ll go over a few ways to get closer to your crush. Are you ready to take the next step?


  1. Keep it real.


When it comes to our physical appearance, the prospect of running into someone we like can send us into a tailspin. You might think that to get noticed, you have to wear things that make you stand out. If this isn’t who you normally are, don’t do it.


Flex your personal style. Try stud earrings, jeans, and boots, if that’s what makes you feel your best. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or project a phoney image that you’ll have to maintain for the duration of your crush.


  1. Pay him a compliment – genuinely.


What do you like about this person? Identify it, and tell them. We can tell when someone really admires something about us, versus those who are just saying what they think we want to hear.


The bottom line is that when we point out what we truly like about someone, it makes them feel good!


  1. Focus on shared interests.


What is it that you two have in common? Your shared interests can be the best way to come together. It means you have more chances to display your skill and knowledge, as well as appear in the same places they might be.


It’s your chance to authentically connect, instead of suffering any awkwardness or putting on airs.


  1. Take things as they come.


Are you convinced he’s perfect in every way?


Pull back now, and take things one step or encounter at a time. Do not allow yourself to be deluded by any fantasies you’ve had. Not only can you end up coming on too strong, but you risk not seeing this person for who they really are.


  1. Have fun.


We hear all of the time that others are attracted to confident people, people who smile easily and make eye contact. This is all true. When you’re near someone you like, it’s important to keep it positive. Don’t fall prey to the idea that you can attract attention through drama or huge emotional displays.


  1. Don’t cancel plans.


Of course, you wouldn’t cancel plans with your crush. But what we mean is to avoid cancelling plans that don’t involve your new love interest. Don’t shut out your friends and other interests to make yourself available to a crush at all times.


It’s much more appealing to be independent and well-rounded. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, you still want your life intact.


The truth is, you don’t have to wait around for someone to notice you. You might think you’re invisible to someone, but it’s just as likely that they aren’t sure how to make the first move, either. Be true to yourself, be honest about what you like about this person, be positive, and don’t postpone life in the meantime.

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