6 Ways To Organize A Fun Day And Spend Some Quality Time With The Kids

It’s tough for a parent to juggle daily chores and responsibilities. Parents find little time to connect with their kids between work and household duties. It can affect their relationship and even sour it over the years. Although we don’t love anything more than our children, we can get distracted from what matters in life. 

That’s why it’s essential to spend quality time with children and show them love and care. We get many “free” days and can use them to enjoy fun activities with our kids. Here are 6 ways you can organize a fun day and enjoy quality time with your kids.

  1. Go Camping

Everyday life is full of distractions and even if you’re ready to spend time with your kids, they might be busy with other things. Spending time in nature is relaxing and therapeutic for both you and your family. 

It will give you enough time to bond with your children while enjoying activities such as creating a bonfire, fishing, hiking, and learning about nature. You need to bring tents, sleeping bags, a first aid kit, food, water, and tools to make a fire. If you plan a lot of activities for the camping trip, you’ll guarantee it will be fun for everyone.

  1. Create a Day Around Their Hobbies or Interests

Kids usually feel misunderstood or unacknowledged which makes them act out. Taking interest in their hobbies or things they love will make them feel over the moon and they might even choose to start sharing their interests with you. If your kid loves baseball, you can go to their favorite team’s game and spend the day talking about baseball.

Find an empty space in your house and paint with your kid and let them teach you how to. Kids will feel their worth when they teach you about their hobbies or interests. If you have more than one kid, make sure to divide the day equally between them so no one will feel left out. They will all get to know each other’s hobbies and spend the best quality time.

  1. Have a No-Tech Day

Our phones, tablets, and computers take a lot of our time during the day and make us connect less than we should. Plan a day, even if it’s at home, without using any devices for all the family (yes, including yourself), and focus on bonding. You can order food to spend more time with your kids and according to information found on, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious dinner. Focus on hearing about their day at school, how they are feeling, what is bothering them, their dreams, goals, and everything about them.

  1. Cook or Bake Together

While cooking is a chore for adults, kids find it one of the most interesting activities ever. Additionally, they cherish the time they spend with you doing something fun. Your kids will learn useful skills that can come in handy for them in the future. Make sure that you handle anything with knives and fire to keep your children safe and happy. When the food is prepared, they will feel extremely proud of themselves.

  1. Organize a Game Night

Switch your movie night with a game night and you will have a memorable time full of laughter and bonding. All you need to do is get a cardboard game and make sure that they understand the rules. You can suggest that they pick the game for the next night and that they teach you the rules instead. Involving them in the preparation will make them feel useful while giving them responsibilities. Buy different cardboard games so your kids won’t get bored quickly.

  1. Volunteer Together

It’s crucial to teach your kids the importance of helping others. Do volunteer work with your children and show them how to give back to their community. There are various ways to do volunteer work including rescuing animals, donating clothes, serving food to the homeless, and donating blood. You should tell them how each action affects the community and change it for the better. Meanwhile, you’ll get to spend more quality time with them, strengthening your bond.

We must show love for people who matter the most to us, not just by words but by action too. Our kids are too young to understand different love languages, but they understand that spending time with them is how you’re supposed to show love. Make it a regular habit to dedicate a day or two each week to do fun activities with them and get to know them.

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