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Beyond Aesthetics: 5 Health Benefits of a Straight Smile

Many individuals visit a dentist or orthodontist because they don’t like their smile. They feel their crooked teeth are negatively affecting their appearance. However, countless individuals need orthodontic treatment for other reasons. An even bite combined with aligned teeth benefits a person’s oral and overall health. Learn about the five health benefits of a straight smile.

Easy Cleaning

Men, women, and children find it easier to keep their teeth clean when they are straight. People of all ages recognize the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth but may find it hard to keep them completely clean if they are crooked or the bite is off. Floss moves between the teeth easily when they are straight, which allows more of the sticky film responsible for plaque to be removed.

If plaque is left to accumulate on the teeth, decay becomes more likely, and a person might find they are spending a great deal of time in the dental chair having restorative work completed. When looking for the Best Dentist Near Me, ask about the services offered and whether they offer orthodontic treatment or partner with a practice that does.

Wear and Tear

An uneven bite can lead to excessive wear and tear on certain teeth. When this happens, the affected teeth wear down faster which can then lead to problems such as gum recession. Many people with an uneven bite find they suffer from tooth sensitivity, and the eroded teeth become more susceptible to decay. In addition, any crowns or fillings in the mouth may fail as the result of an uneven bite. This also increases the risk of tooth decay.

When a person’s bite is uneven, this strains the jaw muscles and can lead to an imbalance. This imbalance may bring about chronic tension headaches. Another issue seen with an uneven bite is bruxism or teeth grinding. People often grind their teeth while they sleep, and this might lead to temporomandibular joint disorder or chronic jaw pain.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Misaligned teeth can lead to gum issues. When the teeth aren’t spaced correctly or are crooked, the gums often become inflamed. The misaligned teeth don’t sit properly in the jaw which brings about this issue. Braces become of great help in adjusting the placement of the teeth for healthier gums. As mentioned early, straight teeth are easier to clean, and a clean mouth leads to healthy teeth and gums.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Injury

A crooked tooth might stick out more than others, which puts it more at risk of injury. A simple fall while walking could lead to the loss of the tooth, or a car accident might lead to the tooth cracking or breaking. Hard foods are of concern to those with uneven teeth, as the uneven bite means more force is put on certain teeth. This could lead to them breaking more easily.

Improved Speech

If a person’s teeth aren’t straight, they may develop a lisp or find it hard to enunciate properly. This can lead to miscommunication with others, which nobody wants. The person whose speech isn’t clear may become frustrated and withdraw because others cannot understand them. Orthodontic treatment becomes of great help in addressing certain speech issues, so parents should discuss this with their child’s dentist if the child experiences a speech problem.

Spend the money to have your teeth straightened. Doing so offers several benefits while improving the smile. The most important reason to see an orthodontist, however, is to protect your overall health. Once your health is gone, it’s often hard to return to your former self fully. Preventative measures help to ensure you live a long and healthy life, one that can be enjoyed fully.

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