Businesses to Try if You’re Moving to an Island Community

Oftentimes, people move to the metro to pursue better secular opportunities and fulfill their big dreams in life. However, for some, city living can be too much to take in, and they prefer a life that is simpler and free from too many materialistic pursuits. If you have decided to move to an island community where life is more straightforward but is closer to nature, you would still need to work to support yourself. While remote work is in, living on an island may mean having unpredictable internet connections. That said, having work that is heavily reliant on the internet can be challenging, especially if you are not entirely sure if the internet works well in your chosen new residence.

As an alternative, here are some of the businesses and side hustles you can try when you move to an island community:

Tutoring Services

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Whether you’re in the city or on an island, there’ll be many kids. So if you think you’re still smarter than a fifth grader or can still teach basic subjects in school, why not become a tutor? You can tutor kids and charge by the hour. True, the pay won’t be as high as a nine-to-five job, but it allows you to get in touch with the kids in your community, get to know their quirks and stories, and also brush up on the things you’ve learned in school before.


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Items on the island are often limited, and at times, these islands offer something that people in other parts of the country, specifically in the metro, might be inclined to buy. If you have connections in the city, why not do a buy-and-sell business? Locally known as pasabuy, you can have someone in the city purchase a variety of items and have them sent to you so you can sell them. These items can be a smartphone, bike parts, cookware, clothes, coffee, and other food items. The list goes on. On the other hand, you can also profit by selling items locally found on the island to others who live in the metro and other parts of the country. It can be fruits, nuts, dried fish, processed meats, and other locally-made crafts.


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If you purchased a foreclosed beachfront property in the Philippines, another thriving business to try is an eatery or a restaurant if you have more capital. To make your business more appealing to the locals and tourists, it is best to learn local dishes or hire a local on the island who is good at cooking them. Although beachside eateries are common, you can also rent a space that’s near essential establishments like the island’s community center, market, transport terminals, hospitals, and more. 

Raising Livestock

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Let’s say you purchased a vast Siargao lot for sale. If that is a farm lot, another business you can start on the island is raising livestock. Start with a handful of chicken or one to two pigs. You can grow these animals, collect their eggs, allow them to breed, or sell them once they’re good enough to be sold in the market. In addition, you can also supply eggs, cow’s milk, pork, and beef products to markets or restaurants that have a constant demand for these products.

Rent Out Your Living Quarters

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Finding affordable accommodation on a tropical island can be challenging, especially for travelers who are on a budget and cannot afford to stay in hotels and resorts. If you rent a house on the island and have spare rooms you’re not occupying, renting these rooms is a great way to make money. Not only that, it is an excellent opportunity for you to meet new people. Because you live in the same house, it will be easy for your guests to call you whenever they need help with something in their accommodation.

Tour Services

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If you’ve become familiar with every nook and cranny of the island you live on, you can also be a tour operator. You can start by providing private tours with a small number of tourists in the area. You can bring them to different tourist attractions on your island, including other beautiful off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Living on an island paradise will help you appreciate the simplest things in life and be content with them. True, it can be a life devoid of or with limited material luxury, but it can be filled with freedom to enjoy things you love to do, such as relaxing, swimming, or traveling. 

Nonetheless, these are just some business ideas you can pursue should you plan on making a living when you relocate to your dream island community. 


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