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Crayola Beauty Cosmetics Review – Is it Worth Getting? | Face Crayon Pack and Highlighter

So I was scrolling mindlessly on my FB feed when a story caught my attention. Crayola Beauty. I scratched my eyes and thought for a moment. Is this even real? Then nostalgia hit me. It probably did the same to you too. Your 6 year old self telling your mom to give you that 128-color box of crayons with free sharpener.

I went back to reality. 30 years old and telling myself to buy at least 1-2 makeup from that collection. Hey, it’s limited edition! I didn’t even care if it performs. The only thing on my mind is that is was CRAYOLA COSMETICS.



Crayola has only gone and launched a range of makeup based on its colourful wax crayons, and our inner child is beyond excited. Celebrating individuality and self-expression, the brand’s ultra-creamy, multipurpose face crayons are great for blending and experimenting – who cares if you colour outside the lines?



Crayola Colour Crayon Trio Safari – Lip & Cheek and Face Crayons

  • Price: 28.42usd
  • Size: 3 x 2g
  • Shades: Caramel, Bittersweet, Shadow

Crayola Highlighter Crayon – Shimmering Blush

  • Price: $17.37
  • Size: 6g

Review – Are They Worth Getting?


Here’s the deal. The crayons are smooth, creamy, and pigmented. But that’s where the fun begins and ends. It wipes off easily even when set with powder. Only way I can think of making it work is using them as lip colors.

They’re amazing as lip colors! Especially the shade bittersweet which applies warm peach. Sure it lasted 3 hours tops, but the color is beautiful and it kept my lips soft. I don’t care if it fades fast. I feel so cool retouching with a crayon and I get weird stares from people.

The highlighter is an entirely different story. Most stick highlighters SCREAM shimmer and glimmer. One exudes a subtle iridescent glow that I think would work well on different complexions. Despite it having a cool pink tone to it.

Final thoughts? It’s definitely worth having. Especially the ones that looks like crayons. Ditch the bags, brushes, and their palettes because I heard they suck. I didn’t buy em because they look basic.

I bought it at thru international shipping




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