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Food: Cerealicous for Lunch? and Dinner?

If you could eat one kind of food forever, what would it be?
Mine is obviously CEREALS! I could eat em for breakfast, for lunch, for snacks, for dinner, with milk, without milk, with cookies, with chocolates, with fruits, with nuts!
I craved for cereals in the middle of the day, good thing they’re readily available in most malls, thanks to Cerealicious..
Much praises to the people who thought of this! They’re very creative too! Naming their combinations similar to popular movies like Ju-Mango (Jumanji) and Lemony Snickers (Lemony Snickets), you also have the option between shakebase(milkshake) or fresh milk.
I love customizing so I chose 2 scoops of kellogs cornflakes, 2 scoops of captain crunch, and an oreo in fresh milk… My creation costs 120 pesos.


Mmmm.. Cereal… *to the tone of Homer Simpson*

Price range here is 65-250 pesos, they also have real food if youre interested. They have waffles, and such too.


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