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Food Review: Bistro Ravioli at Greenbelt 1 Makati

Sometimes, I crave for certain kinds of food, especially those I haven’t tried before. It’s been years since Bistro Ravioli opened and people were all praises for their dishes. I have to taste it for myself. So during one of those moments, I went out on a whim at Greenbelt 1 and had lunch at Bistro Ravioli. I ordered their Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli together with their Diablo Wings.


Diablo Wings

Their Diablo Wings are a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy. It doesn’t have that bufallo-wing taste rather a sweeter version. This can be compared to most Korean Chicken Wings like Bon-Chon but this one is tastier, from the skin to the meat. It’s paired well with their blue-cheese dip. I’m not fond of sweet savoury but I liked this one. I say from a range of 1-10 in spiciness this one is at a 6. I can eat 4 bites without drinking water and I’m goooood.


Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli

Their ravioli pasta are fresh and al-dente. Just they way I like it. Initially I thought the serving is too small, but boy was I wrong. It was really filling that at the end of my meal I still have half of my pasta and half of my wings. The flavors of the mushroom and the mozarella cheese blend really well with the light olive oil sauce with basil and fresh tomatoes. It’s a safe bet for most diners. I did want to try their sausage ravioli too!


The next time I eat again, is probably with John, or my friends. Their food is good for couples and for sharing!

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