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Holy Grail: Nivea Star Fruits Lipbalm

I think it’s hereditary, but most of girls in our family suffer from extremely dry lips. Chapping, bleeding, and everything in between 🙁

I own several lipbalms to keep my puckers hydrated but nothing kept them looking “normal”. Others like Godiva licowhite, petroleum jelly, and petrolatum based balms made them chap even worse. Non petrolatum based like Ilog Maria’s, Burt’s Bees, and Human Heart Nature’s tamed them, but not quite so since my lips still look dry.

Then, I remember when I was in Highschool, that a choir-mate of mine frequently applied this product on her lips and it made it look rosy, healthy, and shiny.  It was the Nivea Fruit Lipbalm (they changed name frequently and as of now it’s called “Star Fruits”). It’s available in different flavors like strawberry, cherry, pomelo, melon, etc.

I decided to try it today (Oh why didnt I give it a try earlier!). It’s quite affordable for less than 100 pesos (2$) and can be bought at Watson’s or other health and beauty counters.

It’s a miracle!

One application and my lips were glossy, rosy, looked healthy, and did not chap the entire day! And no I am not exaggerating at all! My lips were never this healthy! Even my hubby noticed it and complimented me that my lips looked “kissable”. He always teased me how yucky and dry they were.

It has a nice glossy sheen, no color, just slight juicy fragrance. Petrolatum free, most components are essential oils like and healthy stuff.

Here’s another great review here

Will I buy again? Yes! Yes! Yes!


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