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How A Funeral Can Help You Find Closure

The sad truth is that everyone will experience loss in their life. There is no way around it, and that is when a funeral can help you find the closure you are looking for. Being able to say goodbye to your loved one last time, as well as having your friends and family there to help you through such a difficult time can be very therapeutic. So what details of the funeral program need to be planned out to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

On the day of the funeral, most of the necessities will be handled by the funeral home. However, as part of the ceremony, here are the items you will need to have planned and given to the funeral home so they can a memorial service program printed and ready for you.


Most funerals have a religious tone and are usually done in the faith of the person that has passed. Many times the pastor or church leader will give a prayer to open the funeral. It is also customary to ask a family member to offer a prayer to begin the program. It is the personal choice of those; however, those are the two traditional choices.



You may come from a large family, and there are multiple family members that would like to say a word. This is a great way to let each member of the family get to say goodbye and get the closure they needed. However, it is best to set a time limit on the remarks of no more than 5 minutes so that members make their thoughts a little more concise and that the funeral does not run over schedule.



The eulogy is usually given by a family member, a very close friend, or a religious leader. It is a speech that will commemorate and celebrate the life of your loved one. It can be not easy to write a eulogy, which will be a mix of a life sketch, funny or most memorable moments, etc. For help on how to write a eulogy, check here for a great outline.

Musical Number

Adding a musical number to your program is a great way to help bring peace and prayer through song. Often, your religious leader will be able to provide someone for a musical number, or if you have a friend or family member, they are a great option.


Prayer Cards

A prayer card is a nice touch to give everyone attending something they can take home and keep to remember their loved one. It is a simple card with a photo of your loved one on it with their favorite quote, prayer, thought, or story on the back. The congregation can keep it during the ceremony and then take it home afterward.


I know losing a loved one is such a difficult time. So I hope this guide can help you find the closure you need to say goodbye to your loved one.  

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