How I Got White Underarms
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How I Got White Underarms

How I Got White Underarms
Update: Commercial anti-persperants clog our pores causing dark spots and more. I’m no longer using this as a deodorant and opted for a more natural way to lighten and smoothen my underarms although I know it would take time. I forgot that I did this regimen to whiten my dark and clogged underarms. I’m going back to this regimen

A note to my readers. This post will have no amusing images of armpits, (or disgusting before pictures), no false promises, no advertising, no backup images. Just an honest testimony from someone like many of you. Who suffered with shame from having unpleasant looking pits.

These are the steps I took, that in a span of 6 months time, after discovering the right regimen. I achieved significantly lighter, smooth, and chickenskin-free armpit glory. It worked for me, it may work for you.

1. STOP shaving START waxing – If laser treatments are too costly for you. I suggest you start waxing your pits, there are a lot of waxing salons spread around the metro costing from as cheap as 100 pesos to as pricey as a 1000 pesos. Shaving is the number one cause of bumps, lumps, and utter darkness. Preventing those, will help in the longterm. Waxing makes hair grow slower, and thinner, it also plucks out almost everything unlike shaving that only the top stuff is taken out.

2. Exfoliate your pits daily – If you love scrubbing, scrub your pits at least once a day because it accumulates most of the sweat grime and deo daily. It will also help prevent skin clogging that will cause the bumps. Exfoliating gently using a scrub of your choice will help reveal new skin.

3. Use deodorant only when needed – If you just lounge around the house, or if you don’t sweat a lot and work in a cold environment, you can skip the strong deo and use a tawas alternative instead or Milcu

4. Calamansi – I use calamansi once a week, squeezing the juice on a cotton ball and leave it for 5 min on both pits. It has natural bleaching agents that can whiten skin. It’s natural, it’s cheap, and it works.

For those who will ask what safe deodorant to use here are a few brands that doesnt cause further darkening

1. Milcu – A personal fave around 80 pesos at all leading drugstores and supermarkets
2. Deonat – 80 pesos at watson’s a stick alternative to tawas

Hope I helped, Hope it will work for you

Cheers to summer and baring and wearing! 🙂


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