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How to Deal with Motion Sickness When Travelling

How to Deal with Motion Sickness When Travelling

Travelling the world is fun, and if you have someone to do it with then you are sure to have a good time. The only problem with travelling is the sickness that comes along with it. Of course, many people are lucky enough to avoid this sickness but for those keen travellers who suffer from the illness, it can really get you down. The good news is that there are many ways to prevent travel sickness so keep reading if you want to learn how to have a more enjoyable trip!

Where You Sit

Believe it or not, where you sit on the vehicle that you are travelling on can be very important. You’ll want to choose the location that has the least amount of motion like when you are facing forwards on a train or in the front seat of a car. This is very important and if you choose one of these locations, you’ll likely experience less travel sickness.


Although you might feel that this piece of advice is useless, it is actually very important that you relax when you are travelling. You’ll want to take some time to breathe and make sure that you don’t worry about the potential travel sickness. As soon as you put the thought in your head, you’ll find it hard to ignore it. Make sure to relax and enjoy some fresh air if you can.


If you suffer from really bad motion sickness, then you could consider investing in some travel sickness medication. These tablets will help you to keep the sickness down and enjoy a slightly more relaxed trip. If you travel a lot, make sure to check out MFASCO who offer a lot of different medication for lower prices and you’ll be able to save yourself from forking out money on these pills so often.


Our next tip involves distracting yourself from the thoughts that you are going to be sick. You should chat with a friend or listen to some music to keep your brain occupied while you travel. Make sure not to focus on anything too carefully like a book or reading social media posts on your phone as these may actually cause your motion sickness to come on faster than it would have originally.

Sleep Well

Our final tip for you to avoid motion sickness when you are travelling is to get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Although this might be easier said than done, you’ll find that when you are more tired, you are more prone to travel sickness. Try your best not to think about the journey that you have coming up and you might actually be able to be well rested when it comes time to jump on that plane or get that boat to the next country on your list.

Make sure to follow all of our tips to ensure that you avoid all sorts of motion sickness and can enjoy your next big trip!

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