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How to Live Healthy in 2023? 10 Tips to Follow

We are one quarter down in 2023 and most of you would have already been working on your new year resolution. Speaking of it, living healthy and staying super fit should be your top priority. With so many people continuing to work from home, there has also been an increase of a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. In the midst of it, maintaining a healthy life is an effort.

Experts suggest that a lifelong good health is achievable with sustainable practices in diet, exercise and conscious lifestyle choices. So yes, living a healthy life revolves around practicing simple yet consistent habits in your daily routine. 

We are here with a list of straightforward tips that can be followed easily. Start small and get committed for life.

How to Live Healthy in 2023? 10 Tips to Follow

  1. Monitor your stress levels 

First thing first, keep your stress levels in place. It can contribute significantly to living an unhealthy life. In today’s hyper-competitive world, stress has become an inevitable part of life. Although stress is something we all have to encounter, the adverse effects of it can have a bad impact on your health and life.

Take some time off in a day and indulge yourself in rejuvenating activities like painting, reading or simply spending time with loved ones. Another way of doing it is by putting on a smart wearable that has features like stress detection, breathing guides, mindfulness and more. This is a great way of tracking stress.

  1. Prioritize mental health

Here’s a tip that may not appeal to most. Just like physical health, it is important to give equal importance to mental health. Unfortunately, mental health is always overlooked but is an important part of an overall-well being. An easy way of attaining it is practicing meditation. It has some solid long-term benefits such as making informed decisions, enhanced self-awareness and accomplishing a state of content. Practicing other mindful activities such as deep breathing and yoga would also help.

  1. Reduce screen time

In this digital age, it’s impossible to escape having no screen time. However, there are ways to minimize it to a great extent. Sadly, smartphones and screens are now everywhere- from our homes to offices to cars and even pockets. Though spending time on these gadgets has increased awareness and entertainment, too much of it is bad for health. Reduce screen time by engaging in hobbies that help promote overall health.

  1. A balanced diet

Limiting unhealthy food is the most important thing and the core of well-being. So, include plenty of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, leafy greens and whole grains. 

Avoid sugary drinks, processed food or anything that’s high in cholesterol. To satiate your cravings, indulge in healthy snacks, energy bars, smoothies and greek yogurt.

Including supplements like Multivitamins can help a lot.

  1. Focus on getting quality sleep

Lack of sleep can impact your health significantly. It can weaken the immune system, affect the memory, increase weight and also lead to certain chronic diseases. Therefore, being well-rested is a need for the body.

Sleep deprivation can also negatively affect your mood, energy levels and motivation. So, make a conscious effort to sleep for 7-9 hours a day. Take help from external factors if needed, such as creating a restful environment, switching off all electronics, establishing a bedtime routine and dimming the lights. Figure out what works best for you and make that a routine.

  1. A work life balance

A work-life imbalance is more hazardous than you feel. It can lead to stress, fatigue, exhaustion and so much more. So, set a work schedule and be firm about sticking to it. Make time for activities that relax your mind and strike the right balance between work and personal life.

  1. Don’t neglect regular health screenings

Getting health screenings done up is the best way to detect health issues at an early stage. It is a quick way of getting aware of any potential illness that’s been lurking around. So, schedule regular checkups for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and more. Get recommended checkups as per your age. 

  1. Be physically active

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to live a healthy life. Physical activity plays an important role in overall wellness. It helps in stimulating the body’s natural maintenance and repair system. Choose an activity that interests you- cycling, weight training or running; and experience the feel-good hormones, endorphins. Lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease and so many more health issues.

  1. A positive attitude

One of the toughest things to do is to live a life with an optimistic approach. A recent study suggested that people with a positive attitude live a longer life. While the power of positive thinking is heartwarming, one of the greatest benefits is not going through depression. Negative emotions weaken the immune system and positive emotions help make better health and life decisions.

  1. Drink plenty of water

We have been hearing for years how drinking water can help improve health, isn’t it? Although the amount of water you drink in a day depends on several factors, health experts recommend drinking 3-4 liters in a day. Water can do so much good to your health including carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells, metabolizing carbohydrates and nutrients, balancing body temperature and more.

A reminder: Making life healthier & happier is completely in your control. So, take charge and get going. It’s never too late to begin.

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  • Lyn Lyn C. Boquiren

    Wow. Salamat po sa reminders and tips na ito. Super kailangan ko ito ngayon dahil I feel so tired mentally and physically now.

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