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Items You Should Always Have in Your Bag

Whether leaving the house for work each morning or to meet friends, there are some things every woman ensures she has, such as her phone, keys and ID. However, there are other essentials you should always have in your bag.


Even if you only need glasses for reading, or you feel self-conscious wearing them, it helps to have them in your bag. If you’re in business meetings or doing work where you think you can manage without them, you should be prepared in case you need to read something in small print or are asked to sign an important document. Alternatively, if you’re out with friends, you may need to read a food or drinks menu. Being able to see your surroundings clearly, especially in an unfamiliar place, can make you feel confident.


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As tissues can be used for more than just a runny nose, it helps to have them in your bag. On a night out, these can be used if you need the toilet but there’s no toilet paper left in the cubicles, or you can use them to fix any blunders while re-applying makeup.

At work, they can clean up spills. So if you spill a drink, you can grab a tissue from your bag in just seconds, and stop the liquid from reaching your laptop or important paperwork.

Notepad and pen

Even though many people communicate important information through email, it helps to back this up on paper. So, if you have a notepad and pen in your bag, you can add any important meetings or things to remember in there. Then, if technology lets you down, you’ll still have access to the information when you need it. It’s also useful for when you’re meeting people in person and want to write something down for them, or it can be used to vent your thoughts for therapeutic reasons.

Mini first aid kit

Having a mini first aid kit in your bag can be helpful, both at work and when out with friends. Most workplaces will have a first aider. So will many venues, but for very minor cuts and grazes, a mini first aid kit can still come in useful. If you’re travelling between places, it also helps you deal with any accidents, or at least get them under control until help arrives.

Lip balm

Lip balm might not seem overly important, but sore lips can be painful and a big source of distraction. Flavoured lip balms can help with food cravings, and they make your lips look great.

While it may not be realistic to carry everything you could possibly need in your handbag, carrying the things you’re more likely to need can help you be prepared for most things.


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