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Laneige Makeup Workshop Part 2: Korean Makeup Routine

How’s your weekend everyone? Today we’re going to discuss Part 2 of the 2-Part Laneige Makeup Workshop with makeup artist Min Hyuk Park. For those who recently dropped by, you can check out Part 1 which is all about Korean Skincare Routine.

In this 2nd part, we are going to tackle Korean Makeup Routine.

Base Makeup:

Mr. Park used their newest product, the Snow Crystal BB Balm as base makeup after the skin care routine. It is very
moist and emolient and looks like second skin. He told us that when using this BB cream it is better to spread instead
of tap so that it looks natural. Seeing the application in person, it really does look so natural. I wonder how it feels on skin
and if it will oxidize? I got myself a BB Balm so that I can review it later! 🙂 The BB balm is in a big round compact with a large mirror.
We like em mirrors nice and large so that we can see our faces clearly no?


 He emphasized that their product is transfer proof which is good. We can make cheek-2-cheek or beso-beso without worrying

that our makeup is already transfered to the face of our amiga.


Set the base makeup with powder, loose or pressed using a brush in light tapping movements just to set and catch oil but still retain

Finally, use a puff without powder in pressing motion so that makeup will be absorbed on our skin and again
absorb the oil.


Natural is key. He used a rosey blush with slight shimmer in the apple of the cheeks. If you have round face
brush upwards. Long face, brush horizontally.  Highlighter is placed not on all the nose bridge but only on the



One can use the most natural color they can use for the lips. Making lips look better. One can go one color lighter
or one color darker than your natural lip color with slight tinge of pink and gloss.


For the eyes Mr. Park used a light shimmery beige-pink eyeshadow all over the lid. He then lined the upper
inner lashline with a black liner. He stressed out that when applying eyeliner, it must be put in the inner rim
so that it looks natural. Korean makeup is all about looking natural but perfect.

He used a dark brown eyeshadow to line the uppe rlash line with a soft dark color, it really looks nice. Makes
me want to do this kind of makeup everyday.

He used a combination of pencil and powder for the brows. He first line the eyes with a pencil to shape and then
filled in the brows with color of powder.

Finally he curled the lashes and put a bit of mascara.

Gorgeous 🙂

If there’s one makeup style I really like, it has to be Japanese or Korean style makeup. They focus more on looking younger and fresher. Natural but still a head turner. You can check out more Korean Makeup Tutorials in my Pony Ulzzang Tutorials

I tried to do my own version, but being not used to lining my inner rims yet, my eyeballs turned red! HAHAHAHA.. You can see it’s a bit reddish in this photo..

Red Eye FAIL 😀

Love love love and hugs hugs hugs to everyone! Start your week with a prayer and a smile! 🙂

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