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L’Oreal Professionel SteamPod Experience : #HairRevolution

I’ve been doing a lot of weird stuff on my hair lately. I colored it 2x last year, had it chemically permed, and been styling it like crazy! And all that craziness did damage on my hair. Here are several pictures of me with dry and damaged hair 🙁 *sob* it used to be so nice and shiny even if it was flimsy.

Yep there goes my bra strap Haha… Dry, “sensitized” hair

I was so ecstatic when I received an invite for me to be one of the first to experience L’Oreal Professionel’s SteamPod. There are two types of services you can get from Bench Fix.  One is the Steam Care a maintainance treatment if you had your hair recently permed or straightened, the other is Steam Bond; where you actually get sleek, straight hair without much damage! I was advised to just have the Steam Care treatment because my hair was severely damaged from recent perming and coloring.



So what does this amazing service all about? It’s a collaboration between L’Oreal Professionel and Bench Fix.

What’s a SteamPod?

Beautifully sleek and manageable tresses with a glamorously glossy,
smooth finish. Steampod can be used to create a variety of finishes from
smooth and supple looks to soft, tumbling waves. It uses steam, instead of direct heat to open hair’s cuticles to allow better absorption of product. For SteamCare, the product applied is Keratin (sprayed) and their Hair Creme. This can also be used to straighten hair without harmful effects of metal or even tourmaline irons.

When used in conjunction with creams, the steam care’s anti-frizz effect can last up to 3 days! (Mine did! I was amazed!).

How it Felt Like?

It felt way different than regular irons. It’s like there are little hands massaging your hair each time the steam pod runs through your tresses. It’s smooth, but with vibration. Haha it’s a fun experience. The steam being used is filtered so you can expect the purest steam coming out of the SteamPod machine. The process took around 45 minutes which included shampooing, keratin spray, steam pod, cream, rinse, and blow dry. You can expect experts at Bench Fix salon to know what theyre doing. We were even given advice on how to maintain our hair after this.
You should definitely get the Mythic Oil for beautiful hair everyday
Filled with natural oils like avocado and grapeseed for salon gorgeous hair everyday





Weee smooth hair.. I’ll post a better picture once I get the ones we took from the shoot 🙂



Sleek, shiny, healthy hair! You should try this for yourselves guys! It’s exclusively available at all Bench Fix branches! You’re worth it 😉

Steamcare (P2500/long; P1500/short) and Steambond (P7500/long; P6000/short) treatments are available at Bench Fix salons.

To know more about L’oreal Professionnel’s Steampod; visit their Website and social media networks
  through  Facebook . Instagram , Twitter ,Youtube.

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