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L’Oreal Velvet Pinks Swatches

L’Oreal Velvet Pink Swatches

So a few readers asked me: Miss Kat (yes without an H), what is the best shade of pink lipstick for me? Well if I had super powers I’d go straight to your room, take a look at your facial structure and skin tone and we’ll swatch all assortments of brands and shades of lipstick together. Finding a dark lipstick, nude lipstick and red lipstick is easy, but pink? It takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect one.  A good match will instantly make you look  younger, fresher, brighter. A bad match would make you look cheap and tacky. Trust me I did have days when I wore a bad match.

I just had to use these gorgeous beauties; Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, and Nadine Lustre.

Fair/Light Skin Tones (Mestiza): If you’ve ever used the word “pale” or “light” to describe your skin tone, Hall-Scarmana says to look for pink lipsticks that are “either more crisp in pigment or soft and sheer.” When it comes to color, she recommends choosing a peachy pink shade — this will help neutralize your reddish undertones. Other options are petal pink shades with rose or lilac tints.

Medium Skin Tones: Lucky ladies — if you have a medium, olive-based skin tone, you can pull off most shades of pink. “[Just] avoid [pink lipsticks] with blue undertones that tend to wash you out,” advises Hall-Scarmana. “Instead, opt for a luscious watermelon shade or a nude-ish pink for a more natural look.” Also, you can never go wrong with deep pinks that have hints of caramel and brown.

Deep Skin Tones (Morena): Bright and bold pinks perfectly complement darker skin tones. If you’re feeling daring, look for shades in the magenta family that stray towards fuchsia. For a more toned down look, try a lighter, purple-toned pink. Just avoid any ashy, neutral pinks, says Scarmana — they’ll wash you out.

L’Oreal released a line of pink lipsticks with a velvety matte texture yet a sheer finish that can look good on anyone. For reals. So to help you out further, I swatched each and every shade on my lips. Enjoy the swatches of L’Oreal Velvet Pinks loves!


L’Oreal Velvet Pinks line is composed of 7 vibrant pink shades. Each color is endorsed or under a name of a celebrity. Aishwarya (CP26 Iris), Liya (CP28 Fuschia), Blake (CP24 Primrose), Eva (CP21 Nymphea), Naomi (CP21 Jasmine), Doutzen (CP30 Camelia), and J Lo (CP29 Rose Lotus)


Aishwarya (CP26 Iris)


Liya (CP28 Fuschia)


 Blake (CP24 Primrose)


Eva (CP21 Nymphea)


Naomi (CP21 Jasmine)


Doutzen (CP30 Camelia)


J Lo (CP29 Rose Lotus)


Which one of the L’Oreal Velvet Pinks is your favorite? Mine is Iris! Share it by leaving a comment below.

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