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My Graphic Artist Brother and How I Broke My Phone :)

*sigh* and it’s just when there are soooo many products I have to review and soooo many events I have to cover! :(A week ago, (you may notice my lack of daily posts and update) I broke my phone. Not accidentally but out of a temper tantrum. I threw it on the floor and broke it’s glass cover.

I had it since November last year and I love that phone so much because it was durable (well to accidents), waterproof and pink. Yes it’s similar to the photo you see above. I’m planning to take it to a mobile shop and see if I can have it fixed for less than a thousand pesos because if it’s a lot more than that, I’d rather sell it and buy a new one. Something more durable perhaps?
My digital camera is currently with my brother, which I can’t take back because he’s using it for his photography. Did I mention my little bro is an awesome photographer and digital graphic artist? He’s aspiring but I believe he really has the chops to make it big if he gets any opportunities.
You can check out all his works at his facebook page

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