pH Care Intimate Bloom Day: A celebration dedicated to care of every girl

In a world where feminine hygiene products were once non-existent, it’s remarkable to reflect on how far we’ve come. Long gone are the days wherein women had to rely on makeshift solutions. Today, we have pH Care, a trusted companion that understands and caters to the unique needs of every Filipina. With a wide range of feminine wash and wipes, pH Care has revolutionized the way women care for themselves, all while providing comfort, confidence, and peace of mind. 

As we step into summer, pH Care hosted an Intimate Bloom Day at Origine, Brittany Hotel BGC last April 24, where guests experienced what it truly means to be cared for. Amid the florals that adorned the venue, attendees were introduced to the new pH Care brand ambassadors: Belle Mariano, Gabbi Garcia, Ysabel Ortega, and Kaila Estrada. 

Through intimate discussions with them, attendees were reminded of the importance of embracing one’s femininity and celebrating their individuality. Guests also had the opportunity to engage with pH Care’s diverse product range, which included the Natural Protection, Cooling Comfort, Delicate White, and Floral

Clean variants. Each product is carefully crafted to address specific needs, ensuring that every woman feels confident and comfortable in her own skin. 

“I’m an advocate of self-care and it’s really something that I promote. I think we have to acknowledge and instill in us that self-care isn’t selfish, and by taking care of ourselves, you’re also inspiring other girls to take care of themselves [as well]. And while you take care of yourself, you develop [the] love for yourself, and I think that’s the definition of care for every girl.” said Belle Mariano when asked to share her own definition of pH Care’s campaign, #CareForEveryGirl. 

The ambassadors also participated in an activity that gave guests a glimpse of how pH Care truly provides #CareForEveryGirl. And above all this, attendees were also given the chance to create their own goodie bag through a DIY Floral Arrangement area, which allowed them to show off their own delicate damsel aesthetic. 

This summer, let’s embark on a journey that celebrates the unique beauty and strength for every girl, as pH Care continues to be committed to providing #CareForEveryGirl. The brand’s products, balanced at pH Level 5 and infused with OdorProTech, are designed to keep every Filipina feeling safe, fresh, and protected all day long. 

If you also want to feel fresh, clean, and odor-free every day, head on over to your nearest supermarket or drugstore for all the latest products that pH Care has to offer. Or, if you prefer to discover more about pH Care from the comfort of your own home, they are easily available on Lazada, Shopee, and the ULSSI webstore. 


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