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Quick Rave: Skyflakes Oat and Fiber Crackers

I just have to rave about this… I used to forcefully eat these crackers when “dieting” (yeah who am I kidding? alternating foodie review posts with weight loss posts HAHA)
it tastes blander than the original crackers but still consumable.


I purchased a pack again at 7-11 and while I was munching, I told myself.. it tastes good..  like cookies..
and I kept munching and munching.. its actually delicious, like a cookie-fita hybrid with all the oat and fiber goodness.. it tasted more, buttery and has the “umami” taste.. no calorie or fat difference though thank goodness..

I said is it because Im drinking oolong tea and it enhanced the flavor of the crackers? Nope..


When I checked the label… it said “Improved Taste”.. Well improve the taste they did! I’ll find myself buying another pack downstairs and munching it on the way home…


(Again this is not a sponsored ad, this is impromptu and I am still nibbling on these crackers haha)






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