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Review: Full Body Whitening Microdermabrasion at Skin Philosophie

One of my favorite places in BGC is the classic Fort Strip. Way before there was Serendra, High Street, and such; The Strip already exists. I love the fact that it has yummy restaurants surrounding it, a Fitness First gym at the 2nd floor (my gym) and Skin Philosophie at the 3rd (my favorite skincare clinic). Today, I’l be sharing with you my experience with their Full Body Whitening Microdermabrasion. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick and relaxing way to whiten your whole body with 0 downtime. Best part? It only takes an hour! Continue reading for the full review.


Did you know that  dead skin cells build up as skin gets replenished every 28-30 days? We all need regular gentle exfoliation so that these dead skin cells don’t make the complexion dull.  The microdermabrasion effectively takes out superficial dead skin cells and the pigments they contain to make reveal the smoother and more radiant skin underneath.  It instantly results in a powdery white finish.


The first step is gentle cleansing of the arms, legs, and back. They used Cetaphil as it is one of the most gentle cleanser in the market.
You have the option to choose where you can start your microdermabrasion. We started with the arms, then legs, then finally the back. How does it feel? Well, it feels good! Like you’re getting a micromassage. It felt so relaxing I fell asleep when they were exfoliating my back.  You can also see the dead skin being removed and sucked in the machine.
If a picture can paint a thousand words imagine what a video can do? Watch the quick movie clip below to see the actual microdermabrasion process.


Can you see the pool of dead skin at the left side of the sink? My skin indeed looked powdery soft and white after the treatment. I was advised to stay out of the sun for a while and use a good sunscreen to protect the freshly exfoliated skin. Skin Philosophie’s medical-grade microdermabrasion machine is much more powerful than machines used in spas or salons. Therefore, you only need to do the treatment once a month.  There’s no need to come back every one to two weeks.
 I highly recommend this treatment to those who want a quick, safe, and gentle way to instantly whiten skin. Because mechanical exfoliation is used, it’s so safe that even pregnant and lactating women can avail this whitening treatment!

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