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Review: Mentholatum SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ (update 2016)

This review is gonna be quick and easy. This is not a paid advertisement and I bought the sunblock with my own hard earned money. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective sunblock that can last through all types of activities from running to swimming then this is for you. It comes in a convinient shakey-shake bottle. It’s light, it glides and spreads easily on skin, has UVA UVB and PA++ protection and it doesnt give a white cast and it’s fragrance free.
Yes folks, it’s tried and tested all of what I said are true. They’re facts. Bought it on a whim last Friday and used it when my friends and I went to have some fun at Splash Island, applied sunplay spf30 before we met up at the bus terminal, re-applied when we arrived, and re-applied when we got off the water. We were exposed to the harsh sun for more than 5 hours and had the best time!
One of my friends did not use sunblock, well he wasnt that conscious and he had a bad case of the burns, while the rest of us looked like we did not went to swim at all. It did not break me out, did not make us itch, it even protected my sensitive-skinned friend from highly chlorinated pool and did not make him red. Oops! Haha I thought it would be short, but hey, it’s a good product! Highly recommended for those activities!
For daily use I suggest using Biore UV Facemilk!


  • Hollie

    Thanks for sharing this. and wow at the SPF 130! I saw this at Watson's but I didn't pick it up since I have no use for it as of now. Don't have plans yet for a summer outing. hehe

  • OSeñorita

    I hate the smell of sunblock's. They have a certain smell that makes me sneeze. I guess I'm allergic to them. But this, you say it's fragrance free. I've gotta try this. Thanks for sharing!!!

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