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Review: Pollogen Legend Treatment – My Experience

Are you afraid of aging? Well to be honest; I am. That’s why I extend every effort that can be done so I can slow it down. I’m a frequent client of Skin Philosophie and I love their Intra-Therma Face & Neck Sculpting. When I heard that they have the latest skin treatment that can sculpt, contour, plump our face without any pain or downtime I had to try it for myself!


Pollogen LEGEND™ is an advanced medical aesthetic system incorporating the leading industry technologies –  FOR FACE SCULPTING & REMODELING — fat reduction, firming & tightening, shaping face to a V, reduces turkey neck & addresses sagging skin.
VoluDerm HE technology uses fine micro-pins and RF for exceptional dermal volume enhancement of facial skin and other delicate areas such as hands and décolleté. Treatment with the Pollogen LEGEND device is effective and fast with minimal discomfort. It is suitable for all skin types and colors and carried out in a simple ‘walk-in walk-out’ treatment with no downtime.


Yes I have a pimple 🙁


The therapist applied  generous amount of glycerin on the area that will be treated with the Pollogen Legend. I asked what the glycerin is for and Dra. Kyla said this was to ensure that the treatment was pain-free. Glycerin soothes the skin and prevents our upper senses to feel the intrathermal heat. We won’t feel the heat but it will still penetrate.
They told me to press the buzzer (yes they have one!) when I feel pain or a really hot sensation but that never happened. It was so comfortable and relaxing I thought I was having a facial spa or something.

After the treatment, there was slight redness on the treated area but YES. Results are visible in 1st treatment but better go into 6 treatments as this would show results the best. Get 4 sessions for 6,000. This is effectively only 1,500 per session versus the regular rate of 4,500 per session.

I highly recommend this treatment to those who want to look youthful, without the pain!

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