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RIC vs. CIC Hearing Aids: Differences Explained

If you don’t work in the medical field, or if you don’t have hearing problems, then you might know very little about hearing aids. You may not know that they have become significantly more advanced in recent decades. You might also not understand much about the different kinds that are on the market in 2023.

You may not know about the benefits of RIC hearing aids, for instance, or CIC ones. We’ll talk about both kinds in the following article. If you’re dealing with hearing loss, particularly as you get older, you should know the basics of both of these options.

What is an RIC Hearing Aid?

A RIC hearing aid is sometimes referred to by individuals in the medical field as an “open-fit hearing aid.” This is a kind that uses a thin plastic microtube. It extends out from the hearing aid’s body. This part of it is housed snugly behind the ear of the person wearing it.

The microtube goes from the outer ear into the ear canal. There is a very small, soft tip that sits gently in the ear canal. However, it does not seal it.

What About a CIC One?

If you hear someone in the medical field talk about a CIC hearing aid, what they mean is one that is completely in the wearer’s ear canal. These are custom-built hearing aids. They are considered to be more discreet than the RIC option in most instances.

Each one is designed for your unique ear anatomy. In other words, you can’t just buy one off a

shelf and stick it in your ear. If you do, you can’t expect it to fit just right. You can use one if you have moderate hearing loss but also if your hearing loss is more severe.

Which One is Better for You?

There are arguments for both the CIC hearing aid and the RIC one if you are experiencing hearing loss. Probably the main reason why you would want to go with a CIC one is that most people can’t detect that you’re wearing one as easily.

Some individuals don’t want others to know that they wear a hearing aid. Maybe you’re still on the younger side, and you want to conceal the hearing aid in your ear. You can do that much easier if you go with the CIC option.

However, many times, a CIC hearing aid will cost more. That’s because, for the most part, there’s more customization that goes into a CIC hearing aid as compared to a RIC one.

If money is no object, and you would prefer that people not know you’re wearing the hearing aid, then you will likely go with the CIC option. If you don’t care whether people around you know that you wear a hearing aid or not, and you’re interested in saving some cash, then you will probably opt for the RIC one.

In any case, you should talk to your doctor about both options before making your decision.

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